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Stand Up Paddling

Stand Up Paddling

Stand Up Padlling, also known as SUP, is a sport which the Hawaiian kings practised centuries ago. It has increased in popularity over the last years and has found its ideal destination in the world of canoeing.

People of all ages can enjoy it, standing up on a board with a paddle with unbeatable views of the rivers and the nature.

Advanced paddlers and experts of this more and more popular sport find endless places to measure themselves against the wild forces of the sea, the rivers and other competitors.

Typical race formats are long distance events, in which distances stretch between 8 and 12 kilometres, as well as sprint events organised on a short course marked with buoy where 4 to 6 athletes are fighting head to head.

Children and amateur races are usually included in these events. And you can find plenty of other competition formats even for experts in wildwater.

Most common boards are 14" hardboards for elite paddlers and 12'6" hardboards and inflatable boards for younger and amateur classes.

In the year 2017 the first SUP European Cup will take place as a part of the SUP Alps Trophy.

More info: http://www.sup-alps-trophy.com/ 

ECA Competitions2017

ECA Canoe Polo Club Championships
September 24. - 26. 2017, Essen, GER


ECA Wildwater Canoeing European Cup concludes in Czech Republic
ECA Wildwater Canoeing European Cup concludes in Czech Republic

ECA Wildwater Canoeing European Cup season 2017 concluded with the last two races that were held in Česke Budejovice and Roudnice in Czech Republic. Paddlers from Czech Republic, France, Croatia, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, United States of America and Ireland took part in the events held this August.

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Spain and Germany celebrate Canoe Polo European Champion titles

Teams of Spain and Germany are the gold medallists of senior men’s and women’s ECA Canoe Polo European Championships tournament. Germany beat France 2 – 1 in senior women’s gold medal match, while Spain beat Germany 4 – 2 in men’s final.

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First Canoe Polo European Champion titles to Germany and Great Britain

The 2017 ECA Canoe Polo European Championships in Saint-Omer, France, has the first champions. During the penultimate day of the championships in France the first medals have been awarded to the best national teams in women’s and men’s U21 category. Germany celebrated gold medal in women’s U21 tournament and Great Britain in men’s U21 tournament.

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