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100 days to go – 2024 ECA Canoe Sprint, Paracanoe and SUP European Championships

One of the highlights of canoeing season 2024 will undoubtedly be the 2024 ECA Canoe Sprint, Paracanoe and SUP European Championships. This Championships will be held between 12th and 16th June in Szeged, Hungary, at one of the most famous canoe sprint venues in the world. Only 100 days are left until the Championships and the tickets are already on sale!

Hungarian Canoe Federation held a press conference announcing 100 days to the start of the ECA Canoe Sprint, Paracanoe and SUP European Championships and the start of tickets sales for one of the biggest canoeing events this year. This will be the first time that SUP European Championships will be held under the auspices of ECA and it will be a part of the combined European Championships with Canoe Sprint and Paracanoeing. The SUP part of the championships is open to all and the registrations are already possible.

“The March begins, the season begins,” said Gábor Schmidt, the president of the Hungarian Canoe Federation. It will be a season packed with excitement, especially in Hungary. In May, Szeged will host European Olympic Qualifier for Paris 2024 Olympic Games and Canoe Sprint World Cup, and a month later the best paddlers in Europe will return to Hungary to fight for the European Champion titles. This will be the last test for canoe sprinters before the Paris Olympic Games. “The water will be boiling in every discipline and every competition,” pointed out Gábor Schmidt, referring to the fact that under the auspices of the European Canoe Association there will be a competition in the SUP discipline for the first time.

On the other side, senior Canoe Sprint European Championships is returning to Szeged after 22 years. This Hungarian venue hosted the Championships of the Old continent in 2002, and this was the only time canoe sprinters in senior category fought for the European titles in Hungary so far.

Gábor Schmidt emphasized: “This will be a family-friendly event. Based on the successful World Athletics Championships, the Hungarian Canoe Federation also joined the Sports Nation Program, whose members can buy tickets at a 30% discount.”

Tickets can be bought online at the official website of the European Championships https://ech.szeged2024.com/tickets or via Eventim.

OFFICIAL WEBSITE: https://ech.szeged2024.com/

TICKETS: https://ech.szeged2024.com/tickets

PROGRAMME: https://ech.szeged2024.com/program

SUP ENTRY: https://entry.szeged2024.com/registration