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2016 Olympian finished his career

2016 Olympian finished his career 16.11.2020

Vitezslav Gebas, Czech canoe slalom paddler and 2016 Olympian, announced his retirement from competitive sport. He was a long-time member of Czech national team and has medals from European and World Championships is his collection.

36-year-old canoeist from Hradec Kralove finished fourth in Rio de Janeiro at the Olympic Games and has won three medals at European Championships in team events as well as two team medals at World Championships. He also has individual medals from World Cup races.
While he still wanted to compete and fight for place in always strong Czech national team injury prevented him to do so, "The head would still want from time to time, but the body was against it. I have been struggling with neck pain for several years. Which probably wouldn't be a problem, but the worst part is that it's very limiting in the heaviest load, when I need to squeeze everything. 20 years of top sport, 3 times a day training, traveling around the world, small and big losses and wins, downs and ups, daily search for faster lines and solving hundreds and tenths with the idea of ​​better performance. And all incorporated into everyday life - family, study, work."
He was very close to a medal at Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and these are one of his best memories, "The Olympics are unique. It's probably a good thing that the criteria for getting there is as it is, because that's why it's exceptional. It's justified and it's okay. The Olympics are once every 4 years and only the best should really go there. Then it creates the exceptional experiences. I am very satisfied that I experienced it."





Source: https://www.horydoly.cz/vodaci/kanoista-vitezslav-gebas-ukoncil-karieru.html