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28 sets of medals awarded on the last day of the 2022 ECA Junior and U23 Canoe Sprint European Championships

28 sets of medals awarded on the last day of the 2022 ECA Junior and U23 Canoe Sprint European Championships 26.6.2022

After four days of exciting racing at the 2022 ECA Junior and U23 Canoe Sprint European Championships in Belgrade the competition has concluded with A and B finals in 500 and 200 metres distances. Altogether 28 sets of medals were awarded on Sunday in Serbian capital city.

The most successful nation on day 4 of this year’s edition of junior and U23 European Championships was Poland who picked up nine gold medals. First they won in the women’s K1 U23 500 final ahead of Hungarian and Italian crews. Katarzyna Szperkiewicz was the best in women’s C1 U23 500m final, in WC1 U23 200m final as well as in WC2 U23 500m event together with Aleksandra Jacewicz. 23-year-old Wisniewska, who was a member of the Tokyo bronze medal K4 crew won in women’s U23 500 metres race. Jakub Stepun won two gold medals on Sunday, first with Bartosz Grabowski in MK2 U23 500m final, and later in MK1 U23 200m final. Polish anthem also played in honour of men’s U23 K4 500m crew and Martyna Klatt – SandraOstrowska in WK2 U23 500m event.
Hungary celebrated gold medals thanks to Reka Kisko in WK1 junior 500m event, Balint Kollek in men’s junior K1 500m final, Panna Gyore (WC1 Junior 500m), WK4 junior 500m crew, Agnes Kiss in WC1 junior 200m final and WC2 junior 500m final where she partnered together with Csepke Molnar. Gergely Lugosi and David Uhrin were the best in MC2 junior 500m event.
Spain picked up three gold medals on the last day of competition. They were celebrating a win in MK4 Junior 500m final, in MC1 U23 200m final thanks to Pablo Grana, and in women’s C2 junior 200 final where Elena Millan and Alba Rodrigues produced the best run of the day.
The host nation won two gold medals on Sunday, with Dina Bacelj and Dunja Stanojev beating everyone in theWK2 junior 500m final. Strahinja Dragosavljević was the fastest in MK1 junior 200m final.
Two  Sunday’s gold medals went to Germany. Chelsea Roussiekan was the best in women’s junior K1 200m final, while Tillmann Sommer and Jonas Borkowski dominated the men’s junior K2 500m event.
The remaining five gold medals in five events went to five different countries. Austrian Timon Maurer was the fastest in men’s K1 U23 500m final, Italians Gabriele Casadei and Dawid Szela in MC2 U23 500m final, Bulgarian Yoana Georgieva in WK1 U23 200m final, and Georgian canoeist AleksandreTsivtsivadze in men’s junior 200m final. The last final A of the championships was women’s C2 U23 200m event, where Daniela Cociu and Maria Olarasu from Moldova crossed the finish line in first position.
Next year’s edition of the Junior and U23 Canoe Sprint European Championships will be held  in Portugal, more precisely in Montemor-o-Velho.

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