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39th edition of The International Marathon of the Ardeche Gorges again attracted many paddlers

39th edition of The International Marathon of the Ardeche Gorges again attracted many paddlers 12.11.2023

The world-known canoe marathon event The International Marathon of the Ardeche Gorges in France attracted many paddlers from near and far, including top-level athletes, medallists of the World and European Championships in canoe sprint, wildwater canoeing and ocean racing.

The 27 kilometres long course between Pont d’Arc and Saint Martin d’Ardeche took paddlers through picturesque surroundings. There were several events included during the paddling festival in France, the main were marathon and the shorter Le Rush du Pont d’Arc.
Three French kayak doubles, consisting from French national team members in canoe sprint, Wildwater canoeing and ocean racing were the top three boats crossing the finish line of the marathon. In took one hour, 37 minutes and 58 seconds for Quentin Bonnetain and Etenne Hubert to win the marathon, just two seconds ahead of Maxence Barouh and Cyrille Carre, while Nicolas Lambert and Tony Duval finished in third place, eleven seconds behing the winning crew.
In men’s K1 event German Andreas Heilinger won the marathon ahead of French kayaker Victor Doux and Slovenian Simon Oven. In women’s kayak French paddler Pauline Freslon won the first place, Ana Šteblaj from Slovenia was second and Mathilde Valdenaire third. French canoeists took the top three positions in C1, with Theo Viens winning ahead of Nicolas Sauteur and Etienne Klatt.
In doubles, Belgian duo Amber Van Broekhoven – Hermien Peters took the win in women’s K2, Augustin Reboul and Laura Fontaine (FRA) were the fastest in mixed K2, Tanguy Roussin – Manoel Roussin (FRA) were the best in men’s C2 and Emilie Armani – Kilian Godert were the fastest in mixed C2.
Slovenia celebrated a double win in junior men’s K1 – Tjap Til Kupsch was the fastest and Jon Šenk was second, while Belgium’s Frederik Schulze won third place. In junior women’s K1 Czech kayaker Anna Retkova took the win ahead of two Italians, Marta Cecconi and Cecilia Leonori, and in men’s junior C1 Paul Delepancque won ahead of two Czechs Ondrej Kvapil and Alva Beier. In junior double events,MathijsMertens and Jules Van Nieuwenhove (BEL) took the win, while Eve Vitali Guibert and Camille Desmerger were the best in junior women’s K2.
In masters events, Remi Pete won in men’s K1, Claudia Pabst in women’s K1, Lukaš Novosad in MC1, Jose del Valle Gonzalez – Julio Pontan Ruiz in MK2, Sandrine Decendit – Sandrine Plante in WK2, Luc and Florence Jeanningros in XC2 and Rafael Herrera Dorado – Montse Herrera Dorado in XK2.
Overall and men’s K2
1. Quentin Bonnetain – Etienne Hubert FRA
2. Maxence Barouh – Cyrille Carre FRA
3. Nicolas Lambert – Tony Duval FRA
K1 men
1. Andreas Heilinger GER
2. Victor Doux FRA
3. Simon Oven SLO
K1 women
1. Pauline Freslon FRA
2. Ana Šteblaj SLO
3. Mathilde Valdenaire FRA
C1 men
1. Theo Viens FRA
2. Nicolas Sauteur FRA
3. Etienne Klatt FRA
K2 women
1. Amber van Broekhoven – Hermien Peters BEL
2. Lou Boisnard – Lisa Lebouc FRA
3. Hannah Mueller – Mona Clavadetscher SUI
C2 men
1. Tanguy Roussin – Manoel Roussin FRA
2. Arthur Daudet – Leo Falgon FRA
3. Giles Penfold –Martin Dezert FRA
K2 mixed
1. Augustin Reboul – Laura Fontaine FRA
2. Marc Martinez Koshytska –Eider Amundarain ESP
3. Cemence Hulpau – Thomas Stasser FRA
C2 mixed
1. Emilie Armani – Kilian Godert FRA
2. Juliette Chambert – Guilhem Larcher FRA
3. Etienne Blay – Marine Blay FRA
MK1 junior
1. Tjas Til Kupsch SLO
2. Jon Senk SLO
3. Frederik Schulze BEL
WK1 junior
1. Anna Retkova CZE
2. Marta Cecconi ITA
3. Cecilia Leonori ITA
MC1 junior
1. Paul Delepancque FRA
2. Ondrej Kvapil CZE
3. Alva Beier CZE
MK2 junior
1. Mathijs Mertens – Jules Van Nieuwenhove BEL
2. Paolig Rouxel – Lucas Briend FRA
3.  Storm Van Lommel – Gus Helsen BEL
WK2 junior
1. Eve Vitali-Guibert – Camille Desmerger FRA
2. Zelie Pradalier – Judith Perez FRA
MK1 masters
1. Remi Pete FRA
2. Romain Marcaud FRA
3. Guy de Prins BEL
WK1 masters
1. Claudia Pabst GER
2. Bernadette Doenni Schawalder SUI
3. Anita Donni SUI
MC1 masters
1. Lukas Novosad CZE
2. Gwendal Duchet FR
3. Petr Vesely CZE
MK2 masters
1. Jose del Valle Gonzalez – Julio Pontan Ruiz ESP
2. Klaus Gieres – Thomas Kittner GER
3. Daniel Foltys – Eric Klas GER
WK2 masters
1. Sandrine Decendit – Sandrine Plante FRA
2. Chistelle Seveno – Cecile Barbier FRA
3. Anne Erre – Sylvie Drouet FRA
K2 mixed masters
1. Rafael Herrera Dorado – Montse Herrera Dorado ESP
2. Marie Laure Frejus – Jean-Michel Lucquiaud FRA
3. Eric Marlier – Genevieve Perrier FRA
C1 mixed masters
1. Luc Jeanningros – Florence Jeanningros FRA
2. Thierry Delanoe – Sandrine Delanoe FRA
3. Eric Polman – Brigitte Van Straaten NED


Full results can be found here: https://www.marathon-ardeche.com/r%C3%A9sultats


Photo: Jakob Stanic