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Award for ECA vice-president Miroslav Haviar

Award for ECA vice-president Miroslav Haviar 21.10.2020

Slovak Olympic and Sports Committee awarded sportsmen and women and sports officials for their contribution to the Olympic movement and sport as well for their sporting success. ECA vice-president Miroslav Haviar received a golden badge award for outstanding contributions to the Olympic movement and sport. He was not the only recipient of the award from canoeing world though.

Miroslav Haviar has received a golden badge, silver badge award went to the hands of Milan Oršula, canoe sprint official, and Alexander Slafkovsky senior, long time president of Canoe Slalom Club in Liptovsky Mikulaš. While Mariana Petrušova received an award for successful participants of Olympic Games or European Games.
From explanations:

MIROSLAV HAVIAR - A former canoe sprinter, worked as a coach at the TSM in Bratislava after the end of his career. From 1987 until now, he has been an international canoeing judge, and although he has worked professionally outside the field of sports for a long time, he has also made a significant impact as an official. For five years (1997 - 2002) he was the general secretary of the Canoe Sprint Slovak Association, for four years (1996 - 2000) he was the president of the Slovak Canoeing Association. He has been Vice-President of the European Association (ECA) since 2009, having previously been a member of the ECA Executive Board. From 1994 to 2000 and again from 2016 to the present, he is a member of the Canoe Sprint Committee of the International Canoe Federation (ICF). He has served as a judge at several Olympic Games and at many World and European championships. In the years 2003 - 2007 he was the director of the National Sports Center, in the years 2001 - 2004 a member of the executive committee of the SOV. In January, he celebrated his 70th birthday.

MILAN ORŠULA - A long-term important official in canoe sprint. He built the Nováky Canoe Sprint Club, which he headed for 25 years. Several successful representatives of Slovakia emerged from the club, among them leading Olympians with final positions at the Olympic Games Peter Páleš, Ľubomír Hagara, Denis Myšák (silver from the 2016 Olympic Games) and Ivana Kmeťová, as well as several medalists from the top competitions. He was a member of the Presidium of the Slovak Canoe Sprint Association for twenty years, of which 14 years (2003 - 2017) as Vice President. He ended his official career in sports this year. In June, he celebrated his 70th birthday.

ALEXANDER SLAFKOVSKÝ st. - By profession a doctor, a former mayor of Liptovský Mikuláš and a member of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, has long been significantly involved in sports. He was one of the dominant figures of the committee of the Poprad-Tatry candidacy for the organization of the 2002 Olympic Games, resp. 2006. He has been the chairman of the Canoe Tatra Club in Liptovsky Mikuláš for 25 years, in which the Olympic champions Michal Martikán, Elena Kaliská, another successful Olympian Jakub Grigar, his son, multiple World and European champion Alexander Slafkovský Jr., and many other top water slalom paddlers came to the top level. He is a long-term director of the most traditional canoe slalom race in Slovakia - the International Tatra Slalom. He will celebrate his 70th birthday in November.
MARIANA PETRUŠOVA – At the II. European Games in 2019 in Minsk she won a bronze medal in K1 5000m event. She became the European Under-23 Champion in the 1000m event and finished fifth at the World Championships in Szeged. Despite her young age, she was the first in the world raking in 2019 in the K1 1000m event.


Source: https://www.olympic.sk/en/node/31600