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Before European Championships Slavonski Brod hosted national championships

Before European Championships Slavonski Brod hosted national championships 7.7.2020

Slavonski Brod was awarded the 2023 ECA Canoe Marathon European Championships earlier this year. The past weekend it hosted the Croatian canoe marathon national championships where the best Croatian canoe sprinter Antun Novaković took the win in men’s K1 senior event.

23-year-old Croatian kayaker Antun Novaković was the fastest in the 20 kilometres long race in Slavonski Brod and won the Croatian champion title in canoe marathon. Denis Folvarek and Franjo Žnidarič joined him on the winner’s podium winning second and third place.
In men’s canoe event Bruno Kumpež won the race on Sava River ahead of Štefo Lutz and Ivan Erceg.
In women’s kayak event, which was also 20 kilometres long, Anamaria Govorčinović won the race ahead of Brigita Bakić and Nataly Pavlešin, while in women’s C1 event 2018 Canoe Marathon European Championships medallist Vanesa Tot won the race ahead of Ana Funtak.
The fastest duo in K2 senior event was Marko Lipovac – Marin Lipovac, Mario Ivić – Denis Folvarek were second and Jakov Radošević – Vid Radošević were third.
David Aračić, Luka Lipovac and Ivan Fran Arar took the podium positions in men’s K1 junior event, Darko Erceg, Bruno Mesić and Benedikt Kolundžić were top three in junior C1 event, while Leona Pavlešin, Antonela Orkić and Hana Ćerić won medals in junior women’s K1 event. Antonela Orkić – Leona Pavlešin were crowned Croatian champions in women’s junior K2 race, Jana Vuković – Hana Čerić and Gabrijela Lenac – Hana Salomun won silver and bronze medals. David Aračič – Luka Lipovac, Ivan Fran Arar – Domagoj Babić and Dominik Kolundžić – Dominik Hečimović picked up medals in men’s junior K2 race.
Veterans and paddlers in youth categories also took part in the national championships.



The results can be found here: http://kajak.hr/images/Prvenstvo_RH_maraton_SB.pdf


Photo: Tomislav Lačić