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Belarus president welcomed canoe sprint team

Belarus president Alexander Lukashenko welcomed the Belarus canoe sprint national team in the Independence Palace following their very successful season 2019. In this year they have excelled at European Games and World Championships.

The first peak of the season 2019 for the Belarus canoe sprint team was in June when Minsk hosted the 2nd European Games. The canoe sprint competition was witnessed by the president Lukashenko too and he could be very satisfied with the performances from the home team. Belarus finished at the top of the medal table with a total of ten medals, five of them gold.
European Games champions became Artsem Kozyr (MC1 200m), Alena Nazdrova (WC1 200m), Volha Khudzenka (WK1 500m,WK2 500m) and Maryna Litvinchuk (WK1 5000m, WK2 500m). These were not the only medals for Khudzenka and Litvinchuk as they have picked up silver medal in K4 together with Marharyta Makhneva and Nadzeya Papok as well as bronze medal in WK2 200m. Nadzeya Makarchanka and Volha Klimava were second in WC2 500 metres event,while Dzmitry Tratsiakou (MK1 200m) and Aleh Yurenia (MK1 1000m) won bronze medals.
Belarus team successful in Szeged at World Championships too, winning six gold, four silver and four bronze medals.





Source: http://www.ctv.by/novosti-minska-i-minskoy-oblasti/vladimir-shantarovich-na-olimpiadu-dolzhny-poletet-sportsmeny