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Canoe Marathon World Cup in Norway

Baerum, Noway, hosted the Canoe Marathon World Cup race with many top athletes on the start. The same location will also host next year's Canoe Marathon World Championships. European paddlers again won top positions in the race.

The world cup consisted of short track race and long distance marathon.




RESULTS, Canoe Marathon World Cup, Baerum (NOR)


K1W JUNIOR 3400m

1. Lena Rohlings GER

2. Sara Makrai HUN

3. Rebecka Lonnroth Gustafsson SWE


K1M JUNIOR 3400m

1. Karl Broden SWE

2. Kristoffer Mjelstad NOR

3. Matthew McCartney IRL


C1M SENIOR 3400m

1. Jakub Brezina CZE

2. Jan Dlouhy CZE

3. Tanguy Soucheyre FRA


K1W SENIOR 3400m

1. Zsofia Czellai-Voros HUN

2. Vanda Kiszli HUN

3. Jenna Ward RSA


K1M SENIOR 3400m

1. Jon Amund Vold NOR

2. Eivind Vold NOR

3. Mads Brandt Pedersen DEN


K1M JUNIOR 22.6km

1. Nikolai Gutjahr Thomsen DEN

2. Philip Knudsen DEN

3. Matthew McCartheny IRL



1. Lena Rohlings GER

2. Sara Makrai HUN

3. Thea Duus Rosten NOR


K1W SENIOR 26.2km

1. Vanda Kiszli HUN

2. Zsofia Czellai-Voros HUN

3. Jane Swarbreck GBR


C1M SENIOR 26.2km

1. Tanguy Soucheyre FRA

2. Jakub Brezina CZE

3. Gergely Balazs Nagy HUN


K1M SENIOR 29.8km

1. Mads Brandt Pederesen DEN

2. Adrian Boros HUN

3. Jon Amund Vold NOR