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Canoe Sprint joins European Championships Munich 2022 sports programme

Canoe Sprint joins European Championships Munich 2022 sports programme 18.6.2020

Canoe Sprint has been added to the now-finalized sports programme of nine sports for the multi-sport2022 European Championships in Munich.

The respective European Championships in Canoe Sprint plus Beach Volleyball, Sport Climbing and Table Tennis have joined those in Athletics, Cycling, Gymnastics, Rowing and Triathlon for the event that will take place Thursday 11th to Sunday 21st August 2022.
The Munich 2022 European Championships Canoe Sprint are set to feature 465 male and female athletes competing in canoe sprint and kayak disciplines in 30 medal events. Across the nine sports, 4,400 athletes from 50 countries are set to compete in a total of 158 medal events.
Albert Woods OBE, President of the European Canoe Association (ECA), said, “I am delighted that the sport of Canoe Sprint is included in the European Championships 2022 in Munich. It will be a great European Championships for us and also represents 50 years since the Munich Olympic Games 1972. I am sure it will prove to be a well-organised multi-sport European Championships, and on behalf of the whole sport of canoeing I find this a great honour to be a part of it.”
Horst Seehofer, the Federal Minister of the Interior, Building and Community, said, “Munich provides world-class conditions for elite international sport, which will be demonstrated in 2022 when this city plays host to the European Championships. This is a huge opportunity for sport in general and a tremendous event for the public. I am extremely pleased about this decision as the Federal Minister, but also as a sports enthusiast. Therefore, I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone coming to Munich for this event.”
Libor Varhanik, EC2022 Board Interim Chair said, “On behalf of the EC2022 stakeholders, it is my great pleasure to welcome Canoe Sprint to the Munich 2022 European Championships. We are sure that with the addition of the European Championships in Beach Volleyball, Canoe Sprint, Sport Climbing and Table Tennis, each represented by their best athletes, audiences on-site and on-screen will enjoy an extraordinary sporting and cultural experience and a rich combination of diversified sports and performances at the highest level.”
The Munich Olympic Park will be an important symbol of sustainability on the 50th anniversary of the 1972 Summer Games with the iconic location set to be the heart of the second edition of the European Championships. The majority of events and activities will take place in and around the park in order to create an extraordinary festival atmosphere that allows athletes from different sports to experience the event together and visitors to embrace multiple events.
The multi-sport European Championships is an 11-day celebration of world-class sport that brings together existing individual continental championships into one coordinated event staged every four years. The Championships has a central timetable, uniform branding on-site, on-air and across digital and print media, with an overall country ranking table.
Munich 2022 is the second edition following the outstanding success of the inaugural European Championships in 2018, with Glasgow and Berlin successfully staging seven European Championships with 13 disciplines, providing a unique platform to elevate the Champions of Europe. A television audience of more than 1.4 billion watched this memorable first edition on free-to-air channels via EBU Member broadcasters and partners in 44 territories across Europe and worldwide.



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