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Change of the programme for the 2017 ECA Wildwater Canoeing European Championships

Change of the programme for the 2017 ECA Wildwater Canoeing European Championships 9.5.2017

09/05/2017 - The first ECA European Championships starts tomorrow with an opening ceremony of the 2017 ECA Wildwater Canoeing European Championships in Skopje (MKD). Just ahead of the competition the programme has been slightly changed.

The opening ceremony in the city centre of Skopje will start on Wednesday at 20:00, while the first competitions will begin on Thursday at 14:00. The only change in Thursday’s programme is in the sequence of the categories. The race day will begin with classic race in C1W category, followed by C1M, K1W and K1M. C2M and C2W will begin with their races at 16:00. On Friday the classic team events will start with C1M category and continue with K1W and K1M, while ending after 16:00 with C1W, C2M and C2W team finals.
There has been a bigger change in the programme of the wildwater sprint events. Saturday’s individual wildwater sprint races will commence at 9:30 with heats in the C1W, C1M and K1M categories, and heats in C2M and C2W will start at 12:30. All the finals will then start at 14:15. On Sunday all team events will begin at 11:00, starting with C1M team final, followed by other categories.
Official event website: http://www.eca2017-ww.canoe.mk/
Results will be published on the official event website and live results will be available here: http://siwihome.azurewebsites.net/canoe123/live?SessionKey=kosta.20170511 



Wednesday, 10/05/2017

20:00 Opening Ceremony

Thursday, 11/05/2017

Wildwater Canoeing Individual Classic Race (Vardar River)

14:00 C1W, C1M, K1W, K1M

16:00 C2M, C2W

Friday, 12/05/2017

Wildwater Canoeing Team Classic Race (Vardar River)

14:00 3xC1M, 3xK1W, 3xK1M

16:00 3xC1W, 3xC2M, 3xC2W

Saturday, 13/05/2017

Wildwater Canoeing Individual Sprint Race (Treska River)

09:30 Heats C1W, C1M, K1W, K1M

12:30 Heats C2M, C2W

14:15 Finals C1W, C1M, K1W, K1M, C2M, C2W

Sunday, 14/05/2017

Wildwater Canoeing Team Sprint Race (Treska River)

11:00 3xC1M, 3xK1W, 3xK1M

12:05 3xC1W, 3xC2M