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Croatian canoeist Vanesa Tot featured in music video

Croatian canoeist Vanesa Tot featured in music video 29.1.2022

Yesterday a new Croatian music video was released and a familiar face is in the spotlight of the video. Olympian Vanesa Tot talked exclusively for Canoe Europe how she found herself in a role of an actress.

The season 2021 was unforgettable for Croatian Sprint canoeist Vanesa Tot. Apart from winning two medals at ECA Junior and U23 Canoe Sprint European Championships in Poznan and a medal at world cup race, she also managed to qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. This brought her more recognition in Croatia and her hometown Slavonski Brod.

Now, she came into the spotlight of non-sporting audience to. She is the main star of the music video made for the song Ti to dobro znaš (You know it well) by the Croatian musician Dino Jelusić.

“Studio Bros that was in charge of making the video contacted me and asked me if I would like to make a video for one of the Croatian singers. Only when I met them, they told me the singer is Dino Jelusić and that he insisted I am in the video if I am available and ready to shoot the video,” said Vanesa Tot.

The filming began at the end of November when Vanesa, alongside Anamaria Govorčinović and Matija Marinić, finished her military training in the sport unit of Croatian army. The trio was employed as a top level sportists thanks to their good results and participation at Olympic Games. The whole video was shot on and by the Sava River and in the Marsonia Canoe Club. “This is a good promotion of me, Slavonski Brod and one of the most successful sports in our city – canoeing,” thinks Vanesa.

“It took us a month and a half to shoot the video. First, we made the gym and running shots, because it was the easier part. The Sava River was high during the fall, so it was quite hard to get good paddling shots. We shot paddling four or five times in duration of an hour or two, each time one part of the video. I am glad they accepted my idea to include my coach Igor Krajina into this project,” explained Vanesa.

“This is an experience one remembers for the rest of the life. There was a lot of re-shots, laugh and positive energy. I think these kind of spots should be make more often to promote the sports that are not as popular and to promote the successful athletes who do not get much media attention. When I asked why they chose me instead of some boxer or footballer, they told me they wanted news challenges, something unusual and that Olympian from Sava River is exactly that. Everything is much bigger, because Dino and I come from the same city which was made known by his music and mine sporting success,” she concluded.