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Double European title for Emma Wiggs, wins also for Yemelianov, Ripa, Swoboda, Farias and Chippington

Double European title for Emma Wiggs, wins also for Yemelianov, Ripa, Swoboda, Farias and Chippington 11.6.2018

The 2018 ECA Paracanoeing European Championships in Belgrade concluded with kayak events. Emma Wiggs added another gold medal to her impressive collection and also Va’a title she won on the second day of canoeing events in Serbia. Jeanette Chippington defended her title from Plovdiv, as well as Yemelianov, Swoboda and Farias.

There were familiar faces on the podium of the 2018 ECA Paracanoeing European Championships in Belgrade. In the first final of the last day of the championships Serhii Yemelianov from Ukraine won in men’s KL3 200 metres event. Leonid Krylov and Artem Voronkov from Russia joined him on the podium.
“The preparation was very difficult, but the race was very easy. I am not 100 percent satisfied, but about 90 percent. But it will get better,” said Yemelianov after the race.
In women’s KL3 Helene Ripa from Sweden produced the best run to finish the race in front of Mihaela Lulea from Romania and Katarzyna Sobczak from Poland. Ripa was already European champion in 2016 in Moscow and finished third last year in Plovdiv.
“I had a very good race today, a good start, and I came up with speed very fast. I was then just strong all the race. I am very very happy, and I think I have never done so good,” said Ripa.
In men’s KL2 Marcus Swoboda from Austria defended his title, crossing the finish line with the best time. Nicolas Beighton from Great Britain and Mykola Syniuk from Ukraine joined him on the podium.
There were three more athletes who managed to defend their titles. In women’s KL1  200 metres event Jeanette Chippington from Great Britain again won gold medal, even though it did not seem so at first.
“It was so exciting. At the 100 metres mark we were all pretty neck to neck and then Italian girl capsized. At the finish it was like ‘beep, beep’ and I knew I got silver and going up to collect my medal, the Ukrainian has been disqualified. Literally, just before, I’ve been saying to my coach, it’s great to get silver, but you lose that European title. So, yeah, I am now European Champion, again. It’s really good, really exciting,” explained the race and happenings Chippington. Alexandra Dupik from Russia and Kamila Kubas from Poland earned silver and bronze medals.
In women’s KL2 event Emma Wiggs from Great Britain received her second gold medal of the championships. On Saturday she finished at the top in Va’a and on Sunday also in kayak. Charlotte Henshaw (GBR) and Nadezda Andreeva (RUS) joined her on the podium in kayak event to repeat the same standings like last year in Plovdiv.
In men’s KL1 event Esteban Farias also defended the title he won last year in Bulgaria. Italian paddler was the fastest in the 200 meters event and crossed the finish line just before Robert Suba from Hungary and Remy Boulle from France