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ECA Board of directors confirmed proposed rule changes in Canoe Freestyle

ECA Board of directors confirmed proposed rule changes in Canoe Freestyle 18.1.2024

The ECA Board of directors held a meeting in Belgrade and confirmed the proposed changes in Canoe Freestyle for the ECA European Championships. The championships of the Old Continent in Canoe Freestyle will take place this August (26th – 29th) in Graz, Austria.

Upon the proposal of the ECA Canoe Freestyle technical delegate the ECA Board of directors confirmed the proposed changes for the ECA European Championships in regards to the ICF Canoe Freestyle Competition rules. The board agreed the number of athletes per each event representing one national team can be increased to five across all events, and that there is no OC1 and squirt categories at the European Championships.



At the ECA European Canoe Freestyle Championships ICF rules for the organisation of the World Championships apply, except for the rules further explained below.


OC1 category: There is no OC1 category at the European Championships.

Squirt category: There is no squirt category at the European Championships

Team sizes:

K-1 Surface Men - 5

K-1 Surface Women – 5

K-1 Surface Junior Men - 5

K-1 Surface Junior Women - 5

C-1 Surface Men – 5

C-1 Surface Women – 5


RULES DIFFERENCES - ICF vs. ECA: https://canoe-europe.org/preview-file/eca-icf-cfr-differences-in-the-competition-rules-6264.pdf