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ECA Canoe Polo Cup in Mechelen cancelled

ECA Canoe Polo Cup in Mechelen cancelled 9.3.2022

The organisers of the ECA Canoe Polo Cup in Mechelen have been forced to cancel the tournament. The ECA Cup was scheduled for 25-26 June 2022.

Dik Bruers, Chairman of the organising committee of Flanders Cup, has informed interested parties that the international canoe polo tournament had been cancelled. Furthermore, is seems the tournament will no longer be organised.
Please read the official letter from the organising committee.
With this letter I would like to inform you that the International Canoe polo Tournament FLANDERS CUP is retiring and the 2022 edition is cancelled.


This decision has been taken unanimously by the organising committee because there were not enough guarantees to let you enjoy a top tournament again, half work is not what the organising committee has ever wanted to offer you and not now either.


The decision to stop completely is a consequence of the cancellation of the 2022. Because I can imagine that you have a question, why, I want to mention some arguments that led to this decision:

  • Insufficient staff to ensure a good organisation,
  • No vision of transfer of key functions,
  • Insufficient income compared to the higher rising costs.

The discussions to come to this decision were not easy, the organising committee had the intention to continue, but the time we live in made us decide otherwise.


Dear friends, may I thank you on behalf of the organising committee for the beautiful memories we have had with you. You were TOP just like the 70 employees that FLANDERSCUP could always count on.