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ECA Wildwater Canoeing European Cups series concluded in Czech Republic

ECA Wildwater Canoeing European Cups series concluded in Czech Republic 24.8.2018

The 2018 ECA Wildwater Canoeing European Cups series has come to an end with remaining races that were held in Czech Republic, in Česke Budejovice and Roudnice. This year the races were held in Skopje, Kolpa, Banja Luka, Češke Budejovice and Roudnice. A record number of athletes has participated in the series this year. There were almost 300 athletes from 13 countries on the start line of at least one race. A novelty in 2018 was an ECA Wildwater Canoeing Junior European Cup. All four races in the junior series were organised in Czech Republic, with over 100 athletes from six nations participating in this competition. 

The first two of four races in Czech Republic were held in Česke Budejovice. Vladimir Slanina was the winner of men's C1 event on both days. Ondrej Rolenc and Lukaš Novosad joined him on the podium on the first day and Vaclav Kristek and Michal Šmolas (all CZE) on second competition day. Lukaš Novosad later won both races in Roudnice nad Labem. Guillaume Cadet (FRA) and Filip Janu (CZE) were second and third at a third race in Czech Republic, while Cadet and Šmoldas picked up silver and bronze medal on final day of competitions. 
Maks Frančeškin (SLO) was the winner of the first race in Česke Budejovice in men's kayak event, a day later he added bronze medal. Cyprien Leriche (FRA) had a good week of competitions in Czech Republic finishing the first race in second position, and then winning the second and fourth race. Reigning European Champion in Wildwater Sprint Vid Debeljak (SLO) was the fastest in third race and second in fourth race. Vojtech Zapletal (CZE) won third place in two races. Adam Satke (CZE) was second in Česke Budejovice. Another Slovenian kayaker took the remaining two medals in kayak event. Vid Oštrbenk, this year's European Junior vice champion, was second and third in Roudnice. 
Anežka Paloudova (CZE) was almost unstoppable in kayak and canoe events. She won three races in kayak and two in canoe, to which she added two silver medals in canoe. Marie Nemcova (CZE) was sucessful too, winning a gold and silver medal in canoe and bronze medal in kayak. Barbora Dimovova (CZE) finished the series in Czech Republic with one win and two second places in women's kayak. Martina Satkova (CZE) was the winner in canoe in Roudnice and third in kayak on the same day. Dominika Dvorakova (CZE) was third at the opening race in Česke Budejovice in kayak event. Austrian paddler Valentina Dreier picked up silver and bronze medal in kayak, while the remaining medals went to the hands of French representatives. Helene Raugues was second and three times bronze medallist and Margot Beziat also finsihed third in women's canoe events. Mathilde Valdenaire (FRA) was second in kayak. 
The best C2 of the first two races in Česke Budejovice was Czech duo Marek Rygel - Petr Vesely who won on both occasions. Their compatriots Daniel Kobližek and Rostislav Švagr were unbeatable in Roudnice on both days. Silver medals were won by Daniel Suchanek - Ondrej Rolenc, Vaclav Kristek - Filip Jelinek (all CZE), Charles Ferrion - Bruno Hely (FRA) and Maj Oštrbenk - Vid Oštrbenk (SLO), while bronze medals went to the hands of Richard Nachtigal - Tomaš Hendrych, Daniel Suchanek - Ondrej Rolenc, Michal Šmoldas - Petr Šmakal (all CZE) and Maj Oštrbenk - Vid Oštrbenk (SLO). 





1. Darko Savić BIH 275 points

2. Vid Oštrbenk SLO 271 points

3. Maks Frančeškin SLO 259 points



1. Valentina Dreier AUT 146 points

2. Maja Štimac CRO 136 points

3. Anežka Paloudova CZE 100 points



1. Luka Obadić CRO 146 points

2. Ivan Tolić CRO 130 points

3. Antonio Obadić CRO 127 points



1. Alba Zoe Gržin CRO 100 points

1. Anežka Paloudova CZE 100 points

3. Milica Kostov SRB 92 points



1. Luka Obadić - Ivan Tolić CRO 150 points

2. Antonio Obadić - Jadran Zonjić CRO 121 points

3. Pavle Zdravković - Ognjen Dimitrijević SRB 89 points







1. Vid Oštrbenk SLO 295 points

2. Mikulaš Zapletal CZE 291 points

3. Daniel Kobližek CZE 277 points



1. Barbora Dimovova CZE 150 points

2. Klara Vankova CZE 135 points

3. Marie Nemcova CZE 134 points



1. Filip Janu CZE 150 points

2. Charles Ferrion FRA 137 points

3. Louis Passernig FRA 135 points



1. Marie Nemcova CZE 146 points

1. Helene Raguenes FRA 146 points

3. Margot Beziat FRA 132 points



1. Charles Ferrion - Bruno Hely FRA 138 points

2. Maj Oštrbenk - Vid Oštrbenk SLO 132 points

3. Matouš Beier - Alva Beier CZE 122 points


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Photo: Kanoe.cz