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Environmental action in the EU project ‘Green Kayak’ carried out in Croatia

Environmental action in the EU project ‘Green Kayak’ carried out in Croatia 27.11.2022

Canoe Federation of Croatia and its partners carried out an environmental action of cleaning up the Neretva River and its banks within the EU project ‘Green Kayak’.

Neretva River and Metković hosted the 2018 ECA Canoe Marathon European Championships, so European paddlers are well familiar with the location. This year, the Neretva River hosted the special action day ‘One day for a clean Neretva’, an environmental event within the Erasmus project ‘Green Kayak’.
Cooperation between the Canoe Federation of Croatia and the Neretvanski gusar rowing club from Metković attracted 50 children, volunteers and members of the Canoe Federation of Croatia and Neretvanski gusar club in the quest to clean up the river and the banks.
Just between the premises of the rowing club towards the ‘Kula Norinska’ more than 30 large bags of garbage and parts of the bulky waste were collected in the water and along the banks of the Neretva River. Following the environmental action volunteers participated in special workshops and enjoyed the special reception and took opportunity to socialize and exchange the ideas.
The ‘Green Kayak’ project is financed by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union. In this project the Canoe Federation of Croatia joined forces with their partners from Serbia, Bulgaria and North Macedonia as the project holder.
The aim of the project is to help fight the pollution and climate change through the promotion of the need of environmental preservation with a help of sports. The project wishes to promote the sports activities on water at the local level, emphasise the safety of all the participants and promote the environmental aspects.
Through the project, information on suitable locations for canoeing will be gathered in each partner country and riverbank cleaning actions will be carried out. The final event of the project will be held next year in Struga on the Lake Ohrid.