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European Canoe Marathon Cup kicks off in Moscow

European Canoe Marathon Cup kicks off in Moscow 6.7.2021

On Monday ECA Canoe Marathon Masters Cup started at the Olympic Regatta Course 'Moscow' in Krylatskoye. Canoe Marathon Competitions of such a high level are being held in Russia for the first time. The organisers of the ECA Canoe Marathon European Championships and ECA Canoe Marathon Masters Cup in Moscow managed to gather about 300 athletes from 11 countries.

On the first day of the competition, veterans of kayaking and canoeing at long distances competed for medals in 14 types of programme. Comfortable weather on the venue only contributed to high results and tense struggle in the races.
In K-1 Masters Men 65-69 years category at a distance of 15.4 km, the struggle for victory unfolded between Russians Roman Vernkhov and Vladimir Ivanov. For most of the distance, the experienced athletes raced equally, shoulder to shoulder. And only at the very end of the race, Vernhov managed to pull away and surpassed Ivanov, who finished second, by only 1.96 second, which proves once again that marathon races are no less exciting than sprint distances.
The impressions are very vivid!” says the participant of World Championships Vyacheslav Pershin, who competed at the Canoe Marathon Masters Cup in the category of 65-69 years. – “During training, I usually cover ten kilometres, here I had to go 15.4 km and I had to work hard, because competitors forced me. It was very interesting! Thanks to the organisers for providing marathon kayaks to participants. But I was racing on my own kayak, which is less suitable for a marathon. Nevertheless, I fought with Alexander Bakharev, who had a marathon kayak. It was a good fight! At the finish line, I did not have enough strength to keep up with Bakharev, who came third”.
Pershin also noted the high level of organisation of ECA Canoe Marathon Masters Cup. It's great that these competitions were held in Moscow,” said Pershin. “You don't need to go far. All the conditions are here - just come! I liked everything very much, everything is organised according to the highest class.”
Vladimir Borodin, born in 1944, was the oldest competitor in the competition. Borodin finished fourth in the 70+ category at a distance of 15.4 km, demonstrating excellent physical fitness.
Multiple Russian marathon champion and World Cup medalist Roman Erlinekov confirmed his level at ECA Canoe Marathon Masters Cup. Yerlinekov confidentally won in С-1 Masters Men in the category 35-44 years at a distance of 15.4 km.
Multiple world champion Larisa Antonova showed an impressive result in K-1 Masters Women in the category 40-54 years. Antonova covered a 15.4 km distance in one breath leaving no chances for her younger competitors.
I set the distance correctly,” Antonova said after victory.-“My closest rival was from a different age category, she was younger than me. I tried to race having in mind her abilities, I controlled her. And in general I did not want to let anyone go forward. The level of the competition itself, atmosphere, the work of the judges and service staff was so high that I just wanted to match this level. Trust me, I have participated in many competitions. The European Canoe Marathon Cup in Moscow is very well organised, it is top class!
For example, rafts we use during portages. At other competitions, when you run on these rafts, they wobble, they are unstable. And here, on the canal in Krylatskoye they are fixed clearly. There are no obstacles when you are running. In addition, the rafts are located so low that it is easy to jump out, it is easy with these portages. Thanks to the organisers,” added Antonova.
On Tuesday, participants of the ECA Canoe Marathon Masters Cup will compete for nine sets of medals in doubles and mixed crews.