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European Championships medallist is a talented artist

European Championships medallist is a talented artist 9.12.2018

The year 2018 will be a memorable one for Czech canoeist Tomaš Rak. He won two bronze medals at the ECA Canoe Slalom European Championships that was held on his home course in Prague – Troja (he was third in individual and team events in C1) and at the end of the year he prepared an exhibition of his art work.

29-year-old Tomaš Rak has been interested in drawing since childhood thanks to his parents who were close to arts. Tomaš and his brother often draw instead of playing with toys and he also took classes in art school in Hradec Kralove. He again found passion for painting while studying architecture, despite he later switched studies.

Now he opened an exhibition of his paintings in Prague’s Kayak Beach Bar that is run by his teammate Vavrinec Hradilek and it will be on display until 15th December.


“I like to portray female bodies, animals, nature in general, waves or mountains. That's why, as the title of the exhibition, I chose the Beauty of Nature by the eyes of Tomaš Rak. I do not know if I am inclined to hyperrealism and I will paint as accurately as possible. Or it will be a form of abstraction and focus on things that are not really related to reality. The shot is wide enough,” says Tomaš, who finds inspiration also during his trainings. “One day I watched the sunset while paddling. In front of me I had only the tip of the boat and the unusually beautiful colours. I train twice a day, but I find time for painting. It is perfect to clear my head,” he also says.



Source: https://www.denik.cz/ostatni_sport/obrazy-od-reprezentanta-rak-si-cisti-hlavu-u-skicaku-20181126.html?fbclid=IwAR2j1ukp4keBpq-ClFQ_w28mQ4tD3e9Xa2Bm0pt26WrylBC6Y0lxmboiVFg


Photos: Facebook page Tomaš Rak