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First gold medals at Junior and U23 Canoe Slalom Europeans to Spain, France, Germany and Czechia

First gold medals at Junior and U23 Canoe Slalom Europeans to Spain, France, Germany and Czechia 20.7.2023

The 2023 ECA Junior and U23 Canoe Slalom European Championships in Bratislava, Slovakia, started with kayak heats as well as the first medals events - kayak team races. In the afternoon part of the programme teams from Spain, France, Germany and Czechia won gold medals in their respective team events.

Spain won in men's kayak team event in the second major canoe slalom competition in a row. The kayak team from Spain was the best at the European Games in Krakow in late June, and now two of the team members once again stood on the highest podium position. Pau Echaniz and Miquel Trave have continued their winning streak from Poland and this time they were joined by Alex Goni on their way to glory in men's kayak U23 team event.
The Spanish trio navigated through the course without any touches which brought them the gold medal ahead of France. French team (Anatole Delassus, Vincent Delahaye, Leo Vuitton), was faster on the course, but they had two penalty seconds, and were at the end only 0.06 seconds behind Spain. Bronze medal went to Great Britain (Ben Haylett, Sam Leaver, David Paterson).
In women's U23 kayak team event France with Doriane Delassus, Eva Pietracha and Coline Charel found the fastest lines to the finish. Despite the four penalty seconds their win was not endangered, as they had almost a second and a half advantage in the finish ahead of Slovak team (Zuzana Pankova, Sona Stanovska, Ivana Chlebova), while bronze medal went to Slovenia thanks to Eva Alina Hocevar, Lea Novak and Sara Belingar.
German anthem was playing in honour of best men's kayak team in junior category. Enrico Dietz, Christian Stanzel and Erik Sprotowsky produced a very fast run. They picked up four penalty seconds on their way, but were still three seconds and a half faster than any other team in this event. Slovakia with Richard Rumansky, Jakub Sevcik and Daniel Hodas-Pauer had one touch and two penalty seconds, which brought them silver medal. Slovenia had also a very fast run, but six penalty seconds cost them the higher podium position. Atej Zobec Urbancic, Mark Jeklin and Enej Grm won bronze medal.
In the last medal event of the day Czechia won gold medal in women's junior kayak race. Olga Samkova, Klara Mrazkova and Bara Galuskova had six penalty seconds added to their time, but were almost six and a half seconds ahead of Germany. Paulina Pirro, Charlotte Wild and Christin Heydenreich had four touches and consequently eight penalty seconds, but it was enough for a silver medal. Bronze medal went to Spain (Haizea Segura, Ainara Goikoetxea, Anna Simona).
In the morning part of the competition day individual kayak heats were on the programme. In men's kayak U23 event top 30 athletes from the heats advanced to Saturday's semifinal. It was Pau Echaniz (ESP), Jan Barta (CZE) and Anatole Delassus (FRA) who were in the first three places after the first heats run. Coline Charel (FRA), Lois Leaver (GBR) and Sona Stanovska (SVK) were the fastest in the first heats run of women's kayak U23 event.
In junior category Czech, French and German athletes occupied the top positions. Marek Bizek and Matyas Novak (both CZE) were first and second in men's junior kayak, and Martin Cornu (FRA) was third. In women's event Paulina Pirro (GER), the defending junior European Champion, finished the first stage of the competition in first place, ahead of two Czech paddlers Olga Samkova and Klara Mrazkova.
On Friday, the 2023 ECA Junior and U23 Canoe Slalom European Championships in Bratislava continues with canoe heats in the morning, canoe team events and kayak cross time trials in the afternoon.




3xMK1 U23

1. Spain

2. France

3. Great Britain


3xWK1 U23

1. France

2. Slovakia

3. Slovenia


3xMK1 Junior

1. Germany

2. Slovakia

3. Slovenia


3xWK1 Junior

1. Czechia

2. Germany

3. Spain


MK1 U23 - heats

1. Pau Echaniz ESP

2. Jan Barta CZE

3. Anatole Delassus FRA


WK1 U23 - heats

1. Coline Charel FRA

2.  Lois Leaver GBR

3. Sona Stanovska SVK


MK1 Junior - heats

1. Marek Bizek CZE

2. Matyas Novak CZE

3. Martin Cornu FRA


WK1 Junior - heats

1. Paulina Pirro GER

2.  Olga Samkova CZE

3. Klara Mrazkova CZE



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