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First quotas for Paralympic Games are allocated

After the 2019 Paracanoe World Championships which was held in Szeged, Hungary, 23 nations already have quotas for the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo in their pocket. European nations secured themselves the most quotas.

Thirteen European nations have won quota places for the upcoming Paralympic Games in Tokyo, which will include the paracanoeing competition for the second time in history. In addition to Europe, four quotas each were won by countries from Asia and Americas, and two from Oceania.
Great Britain dominated the Paracanoe World Championships and picked up quotas for seven events, Russia won five quotas, while Ukraine and Germany secured four quotas. This year a total of 54 quotas have been allocated, while additional 36 quotas will be allocated next year at Paracanoe World Championships in Duisburg. Nations will be permitted to have up to two athletes in each event at the Paralympics.


Allocated quotas to European teams:


KL1 200m – UKR, GER,GBR

KL2 200m – GBR, RUS, HUN, UKR, GER

KL3 200m – GBR, FRA, POL

VL2 200m –  GBR, RUS, GER, ITA



KL1 200m – HUN, ITA,GBR, FRA

KL2200m – ITA, UKR, AUT

KL3 200m – UKR, RUS, GBR, ESP, GER

VL2 200m –  POR, POL, RUS, HUN, ESP

VL3 200m – GBR, IRL, RUS