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France and Germany celebrate Canoe Polo European Champion titles

France and Germany celebrate Canoe Polo European Champion titles 10.10.2021

The 2021 ECA Canoe Polo European Championships in Catania, Sicily, concluded and the medals in senior men’s and women’s divisions are awarded to the best teams of the tournament. France won gold medal in women’s event and Germany in men’s.

A lot was at a stake in the men’s senior final and it was a very tense match between the teams of Germany and France. Germany took the lead two minutes and 14 seconds into the game with a goal by Lennart Unterfeld. Two and a half minutes later Hugo Ezimiro scored for France for a 1-1 tie which was also the final result of the first half.
In the second half Clement Kindig took France to the lead with his fourth goal of the tournament. The rest of the match was in German colours. Jonas Vieren, Tim Riecke, Jonas Gauselmann and Marco Hoppstock scored for a result 5-2. Fifteen seconds before the end time, at a moment when Marco Hoppstock scored fifth German goal, two French players were excluded due to unsportsmanlike behaviour. The match was suspended and the official final score was 7 – 0 for Germany, who defended the European Champion title from 2019 and Championships in Coimbra.
In a bronze medal match Italy defeated Netherlands 5 – 2. Emanuele Gianmarco, Davide Novara and Luca Bellini (twice) scored for Italy, while Mats Pel scored both Dutch goals. Denmark finished the tournament in fifth place, Spain was sixth, Russia 7th, Switzerland 8th, Great Britain 9th, Portugal 10th, Sweden 11th, Poland 12th, Lithuania 13th and Austria 14th.
La Marseillaise played in honour of French women’s senior team who won in a final match against Netherlands. Charlotte Bakkes took the Netherlands into the lead with a goal less than a minute into the game. One minute and five seconds before the end of the first half Clotilde Lemasle managed to score for a tie 1 – 1, and only eight seconds before the end time of the first half, Claire Moal scored the second goal for France.  
In the second half Aline Roulland scored twice for a 4 – 1 lead. Charlotte Bakkes scored her second goal of the match three and a half minutes before the end of the game, but Claire Moal scored once again for France and the final result 5 – 2.
Italy celebrated bronze medal in women’s division too, thanks to Roberta Catania who was the only player who managed to score in a match with Germany. Italy managed to repeat their success from 2019 where their team also picked up bronze medal.
Spain was fifth, Great Britain – the defending champion – sixth, Denmark 7th, Poland 8th, Switzerland 9th and Sweden 10th.

Website: https://canoepolocatania2021.it/