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France showed power at Wildwater Sprint Canoeing World Championships

France showed power at Wildwater Sprint Canoeing World Championships 1.10.2019

The 2019 ICF Wildwater Sprint Canoeing World Championships in La Seu d’Urgell ended with a big celebration of French national team. Out of 30 medals that were awarded at the championships they have won 12 medals, five of them gold. Czech Republic picked up ten medals.

France and Czech Republic dominated already on the opening day of the championships when teams were fighting for World Champion titles. Both nations won medals in four official events of the day. France celebrated World champion titles in men’s canoe in front of Czech Republic and Croatia and also in men’s C2 team event, where Germany finished second and Czech Republic third. Czech Republic won gold medal in women’s kayak event, ahead of France and Germany. In men’s kayak event it was Slovenia who celebrated the win, France was second and Czech Republic third.
French paddlers were in the spotlight of individual finals too. Phenicia Dupras opened the victorious day with a win in women’s kayak final, Louis Lapointe celebrated world title in men’s canoe and also in men’s C2 where he joined forces with Tony Debray. Elsa Gaubert and Margot Beziat were the fastest in women’s C2 event.
These were not the only French medals of the day though. Two kayakers were on the podium in men’s kayak where Slovenian Nejc Žnidarčič won his fourth World Champion title in wildwater sprint canoeing. It was the tightest win of his career as he was only 0.01 second faster than Frenchman Felix Bouvet, while Hugues Moret won bronze medal for France. Elsa Gaubet was also third in women’s canoe and the last bronze medal of the championships for France was won by Stephane Santamaria and Quentin Dazeur in men’s C2.
It was a good day for Czech team too. Martina Satkova won World Champion title in women’s C1, Anežka Paloudova and Barbora Dimovova were second and third in women’s kayak final, Ondrej Rolenc and Vladimir Slanina won silver and bronze medal in men’s C1, while Marek Rygel and Petr Vesely finished second in men’s C2.
Italian paddler Cecilia Panato picked up two silver medals. She was second in women’s C1 and in women’s C2 together with Marlene Ricciardi. Maren Lutz and Sabrina Barm were third in women’s C2.