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Gabriella Szabo wishes to come back to the top

Gabriella Szabo wishes to come back to the top 5.1.2020

Hungarian Canoe Sprinter Gabriella Szabo switched her canoeing club after 11 years in attempt to reach the top again.

33-year-old Hungarian kayaker Gabriella Szabo is a well known name in the world of canoeing, however for the past three years she had struggled and missed the sports in the strong Hungarian team.
After 11 years Gabriella decided to leave the former club and seek new opportunities together with her former teammate Danuta Kozak as well as with Dora Lucz. “We have proved with Danuta many times we are not only good partners only at competitions but also in preparation,” she said. In the past seasons she cooperated with several coached, but failed to qualify for the national team.
In her career so far Gabriella won three Olympic Gold medals (two in Rio), silver Olympic medal in Beijing, eleven medals at World Championships and five medals at European Championships.


Source: https://www.origo.hu/sport/egyeni/20191107-kajak-kenu-az-utehoz-igazol-a-haromszoros-olimpiai-bajnok-szabo-gabriella-kozak-danuta.html?fbclid=IwAR30ZNyiDmk1IQlzH7vJdhKaFs4MFIG06Y_givwyiVWNojtGrw-vVX7VMHc



Photo: Facebook page Szabó Gabriella - kajak