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Germany prevented all Russian celebration

Germany prevented all Russian celebration 19.7.2019

The second day of the 2019 ECA Dragon Boat Nations and Clubs European Championships on the Olympic regatta venue Krylatskoye in Moscow, Russia, again brought much satisfaction to Russian national team and clubs, but Germany picked up gold medals in two events to prevent a complete Russian domination.

Eighteen sets of medals have been awarded to the best nations and clubs in 20-seater 200 metres events and to the best crews in 10- and 20-seater boats in 2000 metres events. It was again Russia that showed great power in most of the events, but German team could also be satisfied with two wins and three silver medals in nations part of the competition in Moscow.
The first gold medal of the day for Germany came in the morning part of the competition. They have produced the best time in 20-seater masters 40+ mixed 200 metres race. Russia came in second and Hungary third in this event. German paddlers were unbeatable also in master 50+ mixed 2000 metres race. Here too Russia won silver medal and Hungary bronze medal.
In the 10-seater senior mixed 2000 metres final Russian anthem played in honour of the winners of this event. French crew finished this competition in second place and Moldova was third.
In the 20-seater senior mix 2000 metres final Russia, Moldova and Hungary reached the winners podium. Russia, Germany and Hungary were the top three nations in 20-seater masters 40+ mixed race, while Russia, Moldova and Armenia produced the best times in 10-seater juniors mixed 2000 metres race. Russia and Germany occupied positions one and two in 10-seater master 40+ mixed 2000 metres race as well as in 20-seater senior women's 200 metres race.
Russia, Moldova and Hungary won gold, silver and bronze medal in 20-seater senior mixed 200 metres race. In the masters 40+ women's 200 meters event Russia beat Hungary.
We did not only follow the competition of nations, but also clubs European Cup. Alltogether 28 clubs from four countries are fighting for the European titles in club events.
On Saturday the competition will continue with 10-seater 500 metres races.


All the results are available on official website: http://ecadragon2019.ru/


Livestreaming: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtq6y6WYgnM1_TW1aGGaNFw/videos