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Gold and bronze medal for Tom Dolle at Canoe Freestyle European Championships in Bratislava

Gold and bronze medal for Tom Dolle at Canoe Freestyle European Championships in Bratislava 19.8.2018

Tom Dolle was the most successful competitor of the 2018 ECA Canoe Freestyle European Championships that was held this week in Bratislava. French youngster celebrated the European Champion title in men's junior K1 event and a bronze medal in men's C1 event. Tomasz Czaplicki, Anne Huebner, Lukaš Červinka and Ottilie Robinson Shaw also picked up gold medals at Europeans in Slovakia.


In the most anticipated final of the day - men's K1 event - Polish canoe freestyle celebrated a big success with a double win. Tomasz Czaplicki was a man of the day, receiving a total of 1356,67 points in his first run, a result that was unbeaten by competitors in all three runs. With his third run that brought him 1330,00 points Czaplicki's compatriot Bartosz Czauderna jumped to the second position. Local star Peter Csonka, who trains daily at the course that hosted this European Championships, finished the competition in third position thanks to his last run and a total of 1263,33 points. French representative Sebastian Devred was fourth and the first favourite for a gold medal, defending European Champion and reigning World Champion, Joaquim Fontane I Maso was fifth.
The last performance of the day brought women's K1 European Champion title to the German paddler Anne Huebner who took over the leading position from the French Marlene Devillez. She was leading after the second round of final event. Leader after the preliminary round and semifinals - Zofia Tula from Poland - won the bronze medal. Islay Crosbie and Nina Csonkova were fourth and fifth respectively. 
Czech representative Lukaš Červinka celebrated the European Champion title in men's C1 ahead of two Frenchmen Sebastian Devred and Tom Dolle. Jean Yves Moustrou (FRA) and Philip Josef (GER) were fourth and fifth in the final. 
Červinka was satisfied after then win at a course he considers to be his home course, "I am super happy, because it is kind of my home spot. I live around 250 kilometres from Bratislava and it is the closest place for me. I like it here, I almost live here. I'm super excited. It is best to go big on the home spot. I have a really big support here, so I thank people for that. I planned some better rides, some more combinations, I tried to make it in the first run, but the water level was a bit lower than yesterday and days before, so I touched the bottom. Still, I am really happy."
Tom Dolle first won a medal in men's C1 and continued even better in men's junior K1 final where he received the most points of all juniors in the final. He finished the championships with a total of 1273,33 points, while second placed Valentin Parasme, also from France, received 783,33 points. Harry Price from Great Britain was third with 770,00 points. Matthew Stephenson was fourth and Alex Ludlow fifth (both Great Britain). 
Great Britain celebrated European Champion title thanks to their junior representative Ottilie Robinson Shawn who was unbeatable in women's junior K1 final. The tricks she showed have earned her 500,00 points. Isabelle Voelkel from Germany concluded the championships with a silver medal and 263,33 points and Silvia Gallego Munoz from Spain was third with a total of 216,67 points. Caroline Mayer (GER) was fourth and Abi Goddard (GBR) fifth. 




K1W Junior

1. Ottilie Robinson Shaw GBR

2. Isabelle Voelkel GER

3. Silvia Gallego Munoz ESP



1. Lukaš Červinka CZE

2. Sebastian Devred FRA

3. Tom Dolle FRA


K1M Junior

1. Tom Dolle FRA

2. Valentin Parasme FRA 

3. Harry Price GBR



1. Anne Huebner GER

2. Marlene Devillez FRA

3. Zofia Tula POL



1. Tomasz Czaplicki POL

2. Bartosz Czauderna POL

3. Peter Csonka SVK




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