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Golden sport award for Jens Perlwitz

Golden sport award for Jens Perlwitz 22.3.2018

Vice president of the German Canoe Federation in charge of the competitive sport Jens Perlwitz received a special award for his lifelong contribution to sport, a golden sport badge of the City of Kassel. This award is given to people for an outstanding contribution to the sporting life in the city of Kassel. It was stated that Jens Perlwitz has devoted over 40 years to canoeing with his heart and soul.

Everything started in the mid 70s, when he started as a volunteer in the Kassel Canoe Association, and continued in 1980 when he acquired the A-license as a coach which gave him an opportunity to become involved with national teams. As a coach he helped many young and promising athletes to achieve great results at national and international competitions. He has been an important part and official in international canoeing bodies since the 1990s, among other he was a chair of the Wildwater Canoeing Committee. Since 2001 he has been a vice president of the German Canoe Federation.

Source: http://nordhessen-journal.de/2018/03/10/mit-leib-und-seele-fuer-den-kanusport-stadt-zeichnet-jens-perlwitz-aus/