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Great Britain remains paracanoeing superpower

Great Britain remains paracanoeing superpower 29.8.2018

British team competing at the 2018 Paracanoe World Championships in Portugal once again concluded the competition on the top of medal table. British paddlers have won seven medals altogether, with Charlotte Henshaw, Jeanette Chippington and Emma Wiggs picking up two medals each, both in Va’a and kayak events. Jack Eyers added another medal in men’s VL3 final. European paracanoeists did well at this championships as paddlers from Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Sweden, Hungary and Romania also reached the winner’s podium.


Photo: Emma Wiggs - Facebook page



VL3W 200m

1. Larisa Volik RUS

2. Nataliia Lahutenko UKR

3. Charlotte Henshaw GBR


VL2M 200m

1. Igor Tofalini BRA

2. Luis Silva BRA

3. Marius Ciustea ITA


VL2W 200m

1. Emma Wiggs GBR

2. Jeanette Chippington GBR

3. Mariia Nikiforova RUS


VL3M 200m

1. Curtis McGrath AUS

2. Caio Carvalho BRA

3. Jack Eyers GBR


KL1W 200m

1. Maryna Mazhula UKR

2. Eleonora De Paolis ITA

3. Jeanette Chippington GBR


KL1M 200m

1. Esteban Farias ITA

2. Robert Suba HUN

3. Luis Silva BRA


KL2W 200m

1. Charlotte Henshaw GBR

2. Emma Wiggs GBR

3. Nadezda Andreeva RUS


KL2M 200m

1. Curtis McGrath AUS

2. Scott Martlew NZL

3. MykolaSyniuk UKR


KL3W 200m

1. Helene Ripa SWE

2. Amanda Reynolds AUS

3. Mihaela Lulea ROU


KL3M 200m

1. Serhii Yemelianov UKR

2. Caio Carvalho BRA

3. Leonid Krylov RUS