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Hungarian domination at their home European Championships in Szeged

Hungarian domination at their home European Championships in Szeged 15.6.2024

On penultimate day of the 2024 ECA Canoe Sprint, Paracanoe and SUP European Championships in Szeged, Hungarian athletes once again dominated in the canoe sprint finals, winning European Champion titles in six events, and claiming four more medals in canoe sprint and paracanoe, and three medals in SUP Infalatable race.

Hungarian team is proving to be very strong on their road to Paris 2024 Olympic Games. At the 2024 ECA Canoe Sprint, Paracanoe and SUP European Championships in Szeged they are at the top of the medals table with a total of 14 medals, eight of them gold. On Saturday, they enriched their medals collection with six more gold medals.
Tamara Csipes opened the successful day with gold medal in women's K1 500 metres Olympic event (1:54.580), where she had almost two seconds advantage over Emma Jorgensen from Denmark (+1.950), while Milica Novaković (SRB) finished third, two and a half seconds behind. After the successful performance Csipes pointed out in her short interview she loves to race in front of Hungarian spectators, because it is different than races in other countries, she also wanted to show her opponents how strong she is. She said she was racing with her heart, not head, and that she is very confident and will travel to Paris with this mindset.
Just a race later Bence Nadas and Sandor Totka (HUN) won in men's K2 500 metres event (1:30.434), finishing the race ahead of Uladzislau Kravets and Dzmitry Natynchyk (AIN) and Mindaugas Maldonis - Andrej Olijnik (LTU).
Agnes Kiss and Bianka Nagy were crowned European Champions in women's C2 500 metres event, and Hungarian women's K4 was the fastest over the 500 metres long course. Noemi Pupp and Sara Fojt (HUN) were the best in women's 1000 metres final, and Blanka Kiss and Anna Lucz in women's K2 200 metres event.
Other Canoe Sprint European Champions of the day were Romanian canoeist Catalin Chirila in men's C1 1000 metres event, Mikita Borykau, Uladzislau Kravets, Uladzislau Litvinau and Dzmitry Matynchyk (AIN) in men's K4 1000 metres event, Serghei Tarnovschi (MDA) in men's C1 500 metres final, Oleksandr Zaitsev (UKR) in men's K1 200 metres event, Antia Jacome - Maria Corbera (ESP) in women's C2 200 metres event, and Alexey Korovashkov - Ivan Shtyl (AIN) in men's C2 200 metres event.

Paracanoe European Champion titles of the day to Ukraine, Great Britain, Spain and France

On the fourth day of the European Championships in Szeged four European Champions were crowned. Ukrainian Vladyslav Yepifanov took the win in men's VL3 200 metres event. He was more than two seconds faster than Abel Aber from France, while Stuart Wood from Great Britain picked up bronze medal.
In women's VL2 200 metres final British representative Ellen Field celebrated European Champion title. After the win she said, "I’m not really sure. My paddle slipped. My shoulder slipped and didn’t even know I’d won until my teammate Stu (Wood) had told me. I went full send from the front and zoned out for the rest.  I had no idea I’d won, I just focussed on finishing the race and I finished in front! I’m always happy when I’m canoeing. I’ll be celebrating today!" Anastasia Miasnikova (AIN) was second and Veronica Biglia (ITA) third.
Spanish Araceli Menduina was the winner of women's KL3 200 metres event. She was 0.266 seconds faster than French Nelia Barbosa, while Polish paddler Katarzyna Kozikowska won bronze medal (+0.363).
Remy Boulle (FRA) was the winner of men's KL1 200 metres final. French competitior was more than half a second faster than Robert Suba from Hungary, while Italian Esteban Farias picked up bronze medal.
Women's VL1 200 metres event was not an official European Championships event. Here, Italian Viktoriya Shablova won ahead of two Germans Lillemor Koeper and Esther Bode.


SUP ECA European Championships concluded with four events

Saturday was the last competition day for the SUP competitors. Danish Christian Andersen was crowned European Champion in men's technical race. He was 2.874 seconds faster than Greek Phaedon Doukas, and Spanish Manuel Hoyuela was 3.344 seconds behind.
"I am so happy to take the gold medal today. I really wanted this gold medal after these races, we were really close," said Andersen.
Kyriaki Logotheti (GRE) completed her medals collection with a gold medal in women's technical race. She was second in sprint and third in long distance. Natalia Novitskaia (AIN) who was the winner of the mentioned two disciplines, had to settle with silver medal, and Italian Claudia Postiglione finished third.
In the inflatable race, Andrii Kraitor, representing Bulgaria, won ahead of Hungarian Karoly Marton and Romanian Victor Fedul. In women's inflatable race, Italian Vira Lemekha won ahead of two Hungarians - Dora Ebenspanger and Eszter Rasztotzky.
Sunday will bring five paracanoeing finals, remaining 1000, 500 and 200 metres canoe sprint finals, and in the last part of the competition also the 5000 metres events.


The A finals of the 2024 ECA Canoe Sprint, Paracanoe and SUP European Championships on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be streamed online exclusively at Eurovision Sport platform www.eurovisionsport.com, while the Wednesday’s and Thursday’s programme and non-televised events will be live on www.youtube.com/CanoeEurope. The following TV stations will broadcast the Championships between Friday and Sunday: MTVA Hungary, Ceska TV Czechia, JOJ Sport Slovakia, RTP Portugal, RTVE Spain, RAI Sport Italy, RTV Slovenia.


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