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ICF to run talent camp for women paracanoe athletes ahead of Paris 2024

 ICF to run talent camp for women paracanoe athletes ahead of Paris 2024 4.7.2021
ICF-PARACANOE will be hosting a Talent Identification Programme (TIP) Camp in Copenhagen for the upcoming World Championships ( 10th to 19th September). 

All national federations (NFs) who are developing women paracanoe athletes are encouraged to apply. Preference will be given to NF’s who have had low female participation in paracanoe events to date.
Funding from the ICF is limited. All on-site competition costs will be covered by ICF. Travel costs and visa approvals will be the responsibility of each NF.  
We encourage NF’s to contact their National Paralympic Committee for assistance to help this Paris 2024 development activity. It is important to note that the first Qualifier for the Paris 2024 Paralympic Games will be only 21 months after the Copenhagen World Championships.
Female coaches from applying nations are also encouraged to participate under the same conditions.
Please send a letter of interest to Jean-Christophe Gonneaud jc.gonneaud@canoeicf.com by July 16th.
Notices of ICF support will be sent to successful applicants by July 20th.
Letters of interest should include the following:
  • NF name
  • NF contact
  • NF Paracanoe contact (if different)
  • Athlete Name
  • Athlete  Age
  • Athlete passport #
  • Athlete impairment (brief description – pictures encouraged)
    • Anticipated athlete category, ie. KL1, KL2, KL3,VL1, VL2, VL3
  • Athlete training activity
    • How long has she been training in paracanoe
    • Kayak or Va’a or both
    • Training times per week
    • A short video is encouraged (10 – 15 seconds)

NOTE: For coach applications, please indicate the function and responsibility level, training or coaching diploma, coaching experience. Preference will be given to coaches coming with athletes having the highest impairment level.