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Inna Osypenko-Radomska grateful for suspension

Inna Osypenko-Radomska grateful for suspension 2.12.2018

In August the news came out that canoe sprinter Inna Osypenko-Radomska has been given a four-year ban after she refused to take a drugs test. Now, she opened up in a special interview with niknews.mk.ua and admitted she is grateful for the outcome.

36-year-old Ukrainian canoe sprinter Inna Osypenko-Radomska has won four Olympic medals for Ukraine before changing her sporting nationality for Azerbaijan. In the colours of this country she won another Olympic medal in 2016. Besides that she has medals from World and European Championships. In August media reported she has been suspended for four years after refusing to take drugs test.
“I see this disqualification as ... a gift of fate,” she said in an interview, and continued, “I won enough medals. Now I am happy that I can give more attention to my children, I have two of them, to catch up in communicating with them. Son Boris is one year old, and I do not want him to grow up without his mother. For two years I spent in Azerbaijan, I really missed my children who remained in Ukraine with their grandmother. And when I competed under the Ukrainian flag, I talked with my daughter only in fragments.”
In the interview she pointed out she currently only thinks about her children and raising them, but she leaves the door open to return to the sport in a role of a coach, or she might try herself in some business. After the decision of the suspension was made, she decided not to oppose it. “I consulted with lawyers, and we came to the conclusion that the chance to overturn the disqualification is one out of a hundred. And you need a lot of money for all this. I'd rather spend it on my children.”


Source: http://www.niknews.mk.ua/2018/10/12/olimpijskaja-chempionka-osipenko-radomskaja-v-nikolaeve-ja-dazhe-blagodarna-sudbu-za-etu-diskvalifikatsiju/