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Jan Busta - Everyone can maximize their individual potential

Jan Busta - Everyone can maximize their individual potential 2.12.2020

Canoe Slalom community is richer for a new book written by Jan Busta, Czech canoe slalom coach and former athlete. The book is titled 'Behind the success in the waves' and is intended for all coaches, competitors and their parents.

"The publication is primarily intended for coaches, especially for coaches of youth. It tells you how to properly develop the wards from childhood to adulthood in order to achieve peak performance. I tried to describe all the factors that condition top performance and integrate these factors into a comprehensive book, a kind of handbook. In the book, you will find unified knowledge from a number of scientific disciplines, the connecting element of which is canoe slalom or the possibility of use in it. Together with the co-authors, we deal not only with the development of technology, fitness or psyche, but also with the education of athletes, nutrition, drinking regime, regeneration, physiotherapy, doping and other topics," said Jan Busta.
He mostly focused at younger athletes, "Peak performance in adulthood is established at a younger age. The success we see in a competitor at the age of 25 must have a healthy core in the training he completed at the age of 10, 12, 14 or 16. Therefore, the book focuses on childhood, the junior period and early adulthood. It can be seen that the best juniors can fight their way even among the best seniors. At the junior age, they achieve approximately 95% of later maximum performance. In other words, if a competitor is far from the world's top at the age of 18, he will not be much better at the age of 25. Peak performance in adulthood is therefore fundamentally affected at a time when athletes themselves have only limited opportunities to influence their training. They are not yet mature personalities, they themselves are not able to improve their conditions - without a driver's license, for example, they will not be transported to the slalom course, etc. for their training and tried to fulfil their potential through a well-conceived comprehensive preparation. Here I would emphasize that the book will be beneficial not only for coaches, but also for parents of athletes. By the water, I often see that parents devote enormous amounts of energy to their offspring. Sometimes they have to replace the role of a coach, but often they do not know how to train and they lack a basic insight into the issue of training - the book can be helpful to them."
As he states the book is not only for canoe slalom community but some useful information can also be found by canoe sprint or other athletes. "Not everyone can be a world champion, but everyone can maximize their individual potential. You can find out how to do this in the publication Behind Success in the Waves."






The book is available in Czech language. More info is available here: http://kanoe.cz/slalom/clanky/jan-busta-za-uspechem-ve-vlnach



Source: http://kanoe.cz/slalom/clanky/kazdy-muze-maximalizovat-svuj-individualni-potencial-rika-jan-busta-autor-nove-publikace-o-treninku-vodniho-slalomu-za-uspechem-ve-vlnach