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Jiri Prskavec best Czech wildwater paddler in 2019

Jiri Prskavec best Czech wildwater paddler in 2019 7.1.2020

The Wildwater section of the Czech Canoe Union awarded the best athletes of the year 2019 in canoe slalom and wildwater canoeing. The main award for the best athlete of the year was won by Jiri Prskavec. ECA vice-president Jaroslav Pollert was introduced to the hall of fame.

Jiri Prskavec took the first position in the overall standings of the poll to determine the best Czech wildwater paddlers of the season 2019. Vit Prinidš, 2019 Canoe Slalom European Champion, was second in the standings and wildwater canoeing World Champion Martina Satkova was third.
Prskavec and Prinidš were in positions one and two also in the separate slalom standings, while Amalie Hilgertova, who became European Champion in 2019 in women’s K1 in Pau, finished third. Tereza Fišerova was 4th and Vojtech Heger 5th.
In junior slalom standings Gabriela Satkova won ahead of Antonie Galuškova, Jakub Krejči, Tereza Kneblova and Katerina Bekova.
The best Czech wildwater paddler of the year became Martina Satkova, the 2019 women’s C1 World Champion from La Seu d’Urgell. Anežka Padloudova, European and World vice-champion finished second in the poll, while Ondrej Rolenc, European and World Championships medallist in men’s C1 finished the year in third place. Adam Satke was fourth and Barbora Dimovova fifth.
In junior wildwater canoeing category the main award went to the hands of Matous Beier, Tereza Kneblova was second, Filip Janu third, Vojtech Matejiček fourth and C2 Šmakal – Salaj fifth.
ECA vice-president Jaroslav Pollert was introduced to the Czech Canoe Union’s Hall of Fame for his work and dedication to canoeing.



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