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Krumlov River Marathon attracted paddlers from 24 countries

Krumlov River Marathon attracted paddlers from 24 countries 12.10.2019

Czech Republic hosted the 17th International Česky Krumlov River Marathon which attracted paddlers from 24 countries, who took on the challenge of one of three lengths of a course, with main being the 37 kilometres long descent from Vyšši Brod. The fastest boat of this year’s edition was K2 crew Jakub Zavrel – Petr Mojžišek from Czech Republic.


Jakub Zavrel and Petr Mojžišek celebrated a win in absolute category as well in men’s K2 event, followed by Adam Satke – Matyaš Zieris and Karel Mružek – Karel Slepica (all Czech Republic).
In women’s K2 Czech wildwater national team members Martina Satkova – Anežka Paloudova celebrated a win in front of German duo Isabell Estorff – Jana Gerken and Czech-French crew Barbora Dimovova – Phenicia Dupras.
Dutch duo Pascal Lucker – Anna Bohn were the best in mixed K2, winning ahead of Michal Merhaut and Lucie Merhautova (CZE) and Ilze Balode – Arunas Dabauskas (LAT).
Tim Frait from Austria was the best in men’s senior K1 event, Tobi Kröner from Germany was second and Simon Oven from Slovenia third.
Italian wildwater canoeing national team member Mathilde Rosa was the fastest in women’s K1, Karolina Paloudova was second and Barbora Bayerova third (both Czech Republic).
In men’s C1 senior event Vladimir Slanina (CZE) took the win in front of his compatriot Vaclav Švadlena, while Croatian canoeist Tomislav Hohnjec won third place.
Filip Jelinek and Daniel Suchanek were the fastest in men’s C2, followed by Petr Šmakal (all CZE) and Nejc Gradišek – Martin Gale (SLO).
Urban Novak (SLO) won in men’s Junior K1, Filip Novak (CZE) was second and Vojtech Matejiček (CZE) third. Ana Šteblaj (SLO) crossed the finish line in a first place of women’s junior K1 event, Kristina Novosadova (CZE) was second and Hana Kolihova (CZE) third. Matouš Beier (CZE) took the win in men’s junior C1, ahead of Matej Vanek (CZE) and Maks Smadilo (CZE), Tereza Kratochvilova (CZE) took the win in women’s junior C1.
Katerina Duškova and Ondrej Rolenc (CZE) were the best in mixed C2, Stanislav Hamak and Otakar Venta won in C2 veteran event, Tim Fiedler (GER) was the fastest in K1 veteran event, Jonatan Šramek (CZE) won in K1 sea event, Zdene Herzan and Tomaš Kasal (CZE) were the fastest in C2 touring event, while Lithunian crew Linas Semaška –Vaidas Linkevičius – Audrius Čeponis took the win in C3/C4 event.


Photo: Facebook page krumlovský vodácký maraton