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Last ECA's Board of Directors meeting this year held in Cyprus

Last ECA's Board of Directors meeting this year held in Cyprus 19.12.2019

Larnaca, Cyprus, hosted the last ECA’s Board of Directors meeting this year. At the meeting members of the board discussed various topics, among others the upcoming European Championships and the WADA – Russia situation.

One of the hottest sporting topics this year the WADA – Russia situation was one of the main items Board of Directors members discussed during a meeting. Russian Canoe Federation was awarded the organisation of the 2020 ECA Junior and U23 Canoe Sprint European Championships and with the WADA’s 4-year period of non-compliance for the RUSADA verdict the ECA board needed to find a solution. After the discussion the decision has been made the 2020 ECA Junior and U23 Canoe Sprint European Championships stays in Moscow, but the ECA will monitor the developments closely. It has also been agreed that the doping tests will need to be carried out by an agency outside Russia as it is necessary to assure the doping tests are done properly.
For the season 2021 ECA Board of directors confirmed German Canoe Federation as the organiser of the ECA Senior Canoe Sprint and Paracanoe European Championships. The Championships will take place between 10 and 13 June 2021 in Duisburg.
The 2021 ECA Senior Wildwater Canoeing European Championships was already awarded to the Royal Spanish Canoe Federation, but the technical inspection was needed before the final confirmation. Now it was officially confirmed and the date of the championships is 5 – 8 August 2021. The Wildwater Canoeing European Championships will take place in Sabero.
Board of Directors were also forced to make some changes in the technical committees. Following the death of Mr. Jorn Cronberg it was confirmed that Mr. Ruud Heijselaar will be the acting Canoe Marathon technical delegate. Harder was the decision in Canoe Sprint technical committee. Due to health problems and demanding and hard work that comes with the position it was decided that Ms. Elly Mueller who is also ECA’s Board of Directors member will stay a member of technical committee but will no longer head it. The board named Ms. Jovana Stanojević to take over the leading position and be the person to cooperate closely with the organisers of the upcoming Canoe Sprint European Championships and also take over all the organisational and technical aspects of canoe sprint within the ECA.
There were also some proposals for the rule changes. One of the proposals was that at the ECA Canoe sprint competitions the first 15 centimetres of all boats should be of yellow colour. The board agreed with the proposal, but not to be taken into the effect immediately. It was confirmed that it can only be used from the next Olympic cycle on.
In wildwater canoeing technical manual it was agreed that the amount of the participation fee will be amended. The new rule will state that the fee is up to max. 80 EUR (Jun/U23) and up to max 100 EUR (Senior).
The next ECA Board of Directors meeting will be organised next March in Ljubljana, Slovenia.