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Last gold medals from Solkan to France, Czech Republic, Italy and Slovenia

Last gold medals from Solkan to France, Czech Republic, Italy and Slovenia 28.8.2021

The 2021 ECA Junior and U23 Wildwater Canoeing European Championships in Solkan, Slovenia, concluded with a total of 19 individual and team sprint finals. Athletes from Czech Republic, France, Slovenia and Italy were those who reached the top podium positions on the final competition day.

The last competition day started with a win for the host nation. Slovenian Helena Domajnko was the fastest in women's junior kayak final. She was 0.57 seconds faster than Czech paddler Tereza Kneblova on second place and 0.68 seconds faster than French kayaker Emma Lacoste who was third. Host nation celebrated gold medal in men's junior kayak final too. Lenart Stanovnik repeated his heats run and remained at the top of this event also after the decisive run of the championships. Jakub Gabrlik and Matyas Novak (both CZE) were second and third respectively.
František Salaj and Matej Vanek (both CZE) were crowned European Champion and Vice-Champion in men's junior sprint C1 final. Both were on the podium also in men's junior C2 final. It was Czech duo Ondrich - Venjar who picked up gold medal in front of their teammates Rasner - Vanek and Salaj - Smakal.
Czech kayaker Barbora Dimovova was the fastest in women's U23 final. Mathilde Valdenaire (FRA) and Ana Šteblaj (SLO) joined her on the winner's podium. Vojtech Matejicek (CZE) won in men's U23 K1 final ahead of Marcel Blum (GER) and Luca Barone (FRA). Another Czech indivudal gold medal was won by Marie Nemcova who was the fastest in women's U23 C1 final. Italian Cecilia Panato was second and Elsa Gaubert from France third in this event.
The remaining individual gold medals went to France. Laura Fontaine won in women's junior C1 final. She was a second faster than Tereza Kneblova, who won her second silver of the day, and another Czech Tereza Kratochvilova was third.
Charles Ferrion (FRA) found the fastest line in men's U23 C1 final. It was a tight race, as second placed Tommaso Mapelli (ITA) crossed the finish line just 0.08 seconds behind. Etienne Klatt (FRA) was third, 0.60 second behind the winner.
Both C2 events were dominated by French team, winning gold and bronze in men's and women's event. Italians won silver in both finals. Manoel Roussin - Tanguy Roussin were the best in men's event, Tommaso Mapelli - Giacomo Bianchetti were second and Louis Passernig - Mathis Perreau were third. In women's event Elsa Gaubert and Helene Raguenes won in front of Alice Panato - Valentina Razzauti and Zaura Malinge - Melody Gireaud.
In the afternoon part of the programme team events followed. Czech Republic won four gold medals in sprint team races. Their athletes were the best in junior men's C1 and men's K1 team events. They were also the fastest in U23 women's K1 and in men's U23 C2 team final.
France won European Champion titles in women's K1 junior team event, men's U23 C1 and men's K1 U23 team events.
Italy celebrated team gold medal thanks to Cecilia Panato, Alice Panato and Valentina Razzauti who were the fastest in women's C1 U23 event.
Next year the ECA Junior and U23 Wildwater Caneoing European Championships will be organised in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.





WK1 Junior

1. Helena Domajnko SLO

2. Tereza Kneblova CZE

3. Emma Lacoste FRA

MC1 Junior

1. František Salaj CZE

2. Matej Vanek CZE

3. Celian Faucher FRA

MK1 Junior

1. Lenart Stanovnik SLO

2. Jakub Gabrlik CZE

3. Matyas Novak CZE

WC1 Junior

1. Laura Fontaine FRA

2. Tereza Kneblova CZE

3. Tereza Kratochvilova CZE

MC2 Junior

1. Adam Ondrich - Samuel Vejnar CZE

2. Karel Rasner - Matej Vanek CZE

3. František Salaj - Petr Smakal CZE

WK1 U23

1. Barbora Dimovova CZE

2. Mathilde Valdenaire FRA

3. Ana Šteblaj SLO

MC1 U23

1. Charles Ferrion FRA

2. Tommaso Mapelli ITA

3. Etienne Klatt FRA

MK1 U23

1. Vojtech Matejicek CZE

2. Marcel Blum GER

3. Luca Barone FRA

WC1 U23

1. Marie Nemcova CZE

2. Cecilia Panato ITA

3. Elsa Gaubert FRA

MC2 U23

1. Manoel Roussin - Tanguy Roussin FRA

2. Tommaso Mapelli - Giacomo Bianchetti ITA

3. Louis Passernig - Mathis Perreau FRA

WC2 U23

1. Elsa Gaubert - Helene Raguenes FRA

2. Alice Panato - Valentina Razzauti ITA

3. Zaura Malinge - Melody Gireaud FRA



3xWK1 Junior

1. France

2. Germany

3. Slovenia

3xMC1 Junior

1. Czech Republic

2. France

3. Germany

3xMK1 Junior

1. Czech Republic

2. Switzerland

3. France

3xWK1 U23

1. Czech Republic

2. Slovenia

3. Italy

3xMC1 U23

1. France

2. Italy

3. Germany

3xMK1 U23

1. France

2. Italy

3. Czech Republic

3xWC1 U23

1. Italy

2. Czech Republic

3. France

3xMC2 U23

1. Czech Republic

2. France

3. Italy