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Milica Starović big Serbian hope at Tokyo Olympics

Milica Starović big Serbian hope at Tokyo Olympics 9.12.2019

The 2020 Olympic year is approaching and many teams have already named their participants at the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo. Serbian Olympic delegation already puts a lot of hope into canoe sprinter Milica Starović who is considered one of their main candidates for top results in Japan.

31-year-old Serbian kayaker Milica Starović already has medals from biggest canoeing events in her collection. She has two medals from senior World Championships, three medals from Senior European Championships, she won gold medal at inaugural European Games in Baku, two medals at Mediterranean Games as well as a medal from Universiade.
“There have been many memorable moments, but one stands out. It was a drama at the 2017 World Championships in Račice, where I finished fourth according to unofficial results, but after the photo finish it turned out I was third. This is sprint and hundredths of a second worked into my advantage,” said Milica.
This year she competed at World Championships in Szeged and secured herself a place for the 2020 Olympic Games. “My main objective are Olympic Games. I obtained a quota at 500 metres, but I will also compete at 200 metres event. The system is complicated, even I do not know everything, but with seventh place I got the quota and the federation has confirmed it. I aim for the final in both events and I hope to improve the result from this year’s World Championships and European Games. I cannot promise a medal, but I hope my time has come. I hope I will not finish fourth. So many times in my career I missed a medal for a little and I hope this will not be the case again,” said Milica who also trained rhythmic and sports gymnastic, as well as athletics, before focusing on canoeing entirely.
And how she prepares for the next season? “In January we always have cross-country skiing, trainings in gym and paddling on ergometers. This is a bit monotone, but we manage to overcome it. In February and March we start with paddling training camps, so everything gets easier.”


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