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Miroslav Haviar is the new president of the Slovak Canoeing

Miroslav Haviar is the new president of the Slovak Canoeing 20.12.2021

Miroslav Haviar, vice president of the European Canoe Association, has been elected as the new president of the Slovak Canoeing.

Thirteen of the fourteen present delegates voted for Miroslav Haviar, the now former president Ivan Cibak is leaving the top position in Slovak Canoeing after two decades.
“I am very happy that I succeeded and my candidacy was successful. I have been living canoeing since I was a child; my goal is to move our beautiful sport one step further. I will go to a meeting with the Secretary of State tomorrow in connection with the construction of the National Center for Canoe Sprint and Rowing, in January a meeting of the Presidium will follow. I am convinced that together we will create an even stronger canoeing,” said Miroslav Haviar after his election.
Miroslav Haviar has been intensively involved in canoeing and water sports all his life, he is the vice president of the ECA, an international technical official, he has been working as an official in canoe sprint for many years and is also the chairman of the Slavia UK Bratislava club.
The former president Ivan Cibak congratulated Miroslav Haviar on the result. “At the General Assembly of the Wild Waters Section, I was given a mandate to run again for the position of the President of Slovak Canoeing, and I really appreciate that. I was not elected today, the relay is taken over by the canoe sprint representative Miro Haviar. The important thing is that we have the rules clearly set. I am convinced that, within the framework of the fair relations between our sections so far, good cooperation will continue to work for the development of the entire canoeing industry. I want to thank the entire canoeing movement for its long-term support and trust. Twenty years is a really long time. At the same time, I wish the new management a lot of successful work so that our canoeing continues to be one of the best sports in Slovakia,” said Cibak.


Source: https://www.canoe.sk/sk/hladka-voda/clanok/novy-prezident-slovenskej-kanoistiky-miroslav-haviar


Photo: Pavol Uhrin