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Pau is ready to host the Pyrenees Cup

Pau is ready to host the Pyrenees Cup 17.3.2023

Everything is set for this weekend’s Pyrenees Cup in Pau, France. This canoe slalom race will also count for the 2023 ECA Open Canoe Slalom European Cup series and it has attracted many athletes from more than 20 countries.

The first canoe slalom race of the season 2023 that will count for the 2023 ECA Open Canoe Slalom European Cup series will be organised this Saturday and Sunday in Pau, France, on a venue that hosted World and European Championships as well as many World Cup races in the previous seasons.
The French rapids have attracted competitors from more than 20 countries (France, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, Great Britain, Canada, Ukraine, Belgium, Andorra, Australia, Croatia, Portugal, Ireland, Norway, Latvia, Kosovo, Senegal, Mauritius, Venezuela and Comoros).
The start list includes the names of some of the World’s best athletes including Olympic champion Maialen Chourraut, European and World Championships medallists Gabriela Satkova, Miren Lazkano, Tereza Fišerova, Dariusz Popiela, David Llorente, Miquel Trave, Monica Doria Vilarrubla, Amalie Hilgertova, Liam Jegou, Niko Testen, Michal Pasiut, Kladuia Zwolinska, Vojtech Heger and many more.
The competition programme in Pau brings canoe slalom heats in all four events on Saturday, and semifinals and finals of canoe slalom as well as kayak cross races on Sunday.



More: https://paucanoe.com/coupe-internationale-des-pyrenees/


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