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Paul Jean and Cyrille Carre the fastest in Ardeche

Paul Jean and Cyrille Carre the fastest in Ardeche 15.11.2021

The well-known Marathon des Gorges de l'Ardèche came back after a year of absence. Over 280 boats participated in this year’s edition and members of French national team Paul Jean and Cyrille Carre were the ones who crossed the finish line with the best time.

It took one hour, 37 minutes and 26 seconds for Paul Jean and Cyrille Carre to crss the finish line of the picturesque Marathon des Gorges de l'Ardèche. They were almost a minute and a half faster than Edwin Lucas and Stephane Boulanger in second place, while it took the third French K2 Quentin Bonnetain – Etienne Hubert one hour, 38 minutes and 59 seconds to finish the course. These crews were the best in overall standings and in K2 classification.

In women’s K2 event French – Serbian duo Pauline Freslon – Kristina Bedec won ahead of two French crews Mathilde Valdenaire – Phenicia Dupras and Sarah Guyot – Manon Hostens.

German kayaker Andreas Heilinger was the best in men’s K1 event (1:43.15) and two French wildwater national team members Remi Pete and Maxence Barouh were second and third. Slovenian Tjaš Til Kupsch was the best in junior K1 classification,Italian Andrea Abbiati was second and French Clement Couchoud third.

In women’s event this year’s European champion in classic event Mathilde Rosa from Italy won ahead of French paddler Lise Vinet and Swiss representative Hanna Mueller. In junior event Maya Bagnato and Marta Cecconi took a double win for Italy, while Emma Lacoste from France finished third.

In C1 Theo Viens won ahead of Mathis Perreau and Louis Passernig (all France), and in C2 Durand – Godart, Priot – Eldin and Crain – Delsaut won the top three positions.