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Slovenian, German, Italian, Czech and American wins in Solkan

Slovenian, German, Italian, Czech and American wins in Solkan 26.7.2020
The second competition day of the ECA Junior Canoe Slalom European Cup in Solkan, Slovenia, brought wins of young paddlers from host country, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic and United States of America

On a very hot and sunny day in Solkan young paddlers from nine countries showed their skills in a second day in a row. Some paddlers who managed to finish the Saturday’s race in the top three in their category managed to repeat the good performance and finish in the otp three also on Sunday, among them were Mia Arnu, Sara Globokar, Asja Jug, Ema Dieškova, Eva Alina Hočevar, Michaela Corcoran, Žiga Lin Hočevar, Robin Stross, Martin Gale, Martino Barzon, Adam Križaj, Naja Pinterič, Ula Skok, Brina Zupan, Daša Grešak, Xabier Ferazzi and Jan Ločnikar.


The next venue in the ECA Junior Canoe Slalom European Cup series is Flattach, Austria, which will host the race on 1st and 2nd August 2020.





WC1 U14

1. Mia Arnu GER

2.Sara Globokar SLO

3. Merle Bahner GER

WC1 U16

1. Asja Jug SLO

2. Ema Dieškova SVK

3. Julieane Tewes GER

WC1 U18

1. Eva Alina Hočevar SLO

2. Michaela Corcoran USA

MC1 U14

1. Žiga Lin Hočevar SLO

2. Niels Zimmermann GER

3. Robin Stross GER

MC1 U16

1. Martin Gale SLO

2. Timo Haslmaier – Mullneritsch AUT

3. Michele Campana ITA

MC1 U18

1. Martino Barzon ITA

2. Adam Križaj SLO

3. Nejc Gradišek SLO

WK1 U14

1. Naja Pinterič SLO

2. Ula Skok SLO

3. Brina Zupan SLO

WK1 U16

1. Amelie Červenkova CZE

2. Daša Grešak SLO

3. Lea Bertoncelli ITA

WK1 U18

1. Medison Corcoran USA

2. Eva Alina Hočevar SLO

3. Ria Šribar USA

MK1 U14

1. Atej Zobec Urbančič SLO

2. Žiga Lin Hočevar SLO

3. Domen Bregar SLO

MK1 U16

1. Xabier Ferazzi ITA

2. Pauli Preisl AUT

3. Jakob Šavli SLO

MK1 U18

1. Matteo Pistoni ITA

2. Jan Ločnikar SLO

3. Tommaso Panico ITA


Full results are available here.