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Special recognition for former ECA president Albert Woods OBE

Special recognition for former ECA president Albert Woods OBE 2.5.2023

Albert Woods OBE who has been leading the European Canoe Association from 1993 to this March has received a special recognition for his several decades long service to World Canoeing at the ICF Board Meeting in Budapest.

Albert Woods OBE dedicated his whole life to canoeing, first as an athlete, later in different roles, from the technical delegate to ECA president and member of the ICF executive board. To honour his decade’s long commitment to canoeing ICF invited Woods as a guest of honour to a Board dinner in Budapest.
“I was presented with a Swiss watch and a framed photograph of myself which was signed by all the Board Members present. The ICF President Thomas Konietzko spoke and also the ICF Honorary President Jose Perurena and said very kind words for all the 35 years I had been a Board member. I never missed a meeting in all those years! It was a great honour for me,” said Woods on the occasion.
He will stay involved in this sport, but in a different capacity. ICF will celebrate 100 Years next year and Woods has been included in the panel for organising the Celebration in Antalya, Turkey, during the ICF Congress in November 2024. He was also included in the Commission to oversee the potential of independent Russian and Belarusian paddlers being allowed to enter ICF championships, however the details have not been yet finalised and ICF will follow the IOC recommendations on this matter.
Albert Woods is also still a member of the EOC Coordination Commission for the European Games in Krakow this June.