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Strong start for the host nation at the 2023 ECA Canoe Polo European Championships

Strong start for the host nation at the 2023 ECA Canoe Polo European Championships 7.9.2023

Canoe polo fans were able to enjoy almost ten hours of action in Brandenburg an der Havel. The first competition day of the 2023 ECA Canoe Polo European Championships was held on four pitches and the main favourites had a good start to the Championships.

The eyes were on the German teams, playing at home and with high goals as always. The men's senior German team won in the previous two editions of the ECA Canoe Polo European Championships in 2019 (Coimbra) and in 2021 (Catania). They were also champions in 2001, 2005, 2013 and 2015. If they manage to win this year's European Champion title in men's senior event, they would become the first nation to achieve three consecutive titles in men's senior event. German women's senior team did this in three consecutive championships (2013, 2015, 2017).
The start for Germany was very good. The men's senior team is leading in group A, with three wins they recorded on the opening day. They won 8-3 against Czechia, 7-0 in a match with Belgium and 3-0 against Switzerland. The German player Rene Kirchoff has scored four goals on day one of the championships, and is in a leading scorer position together with Dario Stern (SUI) and Thomas Warren (CZE).
Denmark is leading in group B of men's senior competition after winning both matches of the day. They won 5-3 in a match with Great Britain and 3-2 against France. These two teams are second and third in the group, with one win and one loss. In men's senior C group Italy and Netherlands are in first and second position respectively after the first tournament day, after the tie 5-5 in their match. Italy won against Sweden and Netherlands against Portugal.
In women's senior event Germany is leading in group A after the first day due to the better score. Three teams have six points, but Germany has a better goal difference. France is second and Spain third after the first matches. In group B Italy and Denmark also concluded the first day with a total of six points and two wins each. In women's senior tournament the most successful scorers of the day were Amparo Taberner Lino (ESP), Celeste Louis (FRA) and Silvia Cogoni (ITA) who scored four times.
Great Britain, Spain and Denmark dominated in men's U21 tournament. Great Britain is in the leading position of group A with 9 points, Spain recorded three wins on day one and is leading in group B, while Denmark won three matched in group C. The best scorer of the day in men's U21 was Santanam McCutcheon (GBR) with 10 goals.
Germany is in the best position in group A of women's U21 tournament. The team who is playing at home had three wins on the opening day of the championships and has nine points. Nina Hachenburg (GER) was in great form, scoring eleven times today. Italy and France are in first and second place in group B with 6 points each. Italy had two wins in two matches, while France played three matches, winning two and losing one.
On Friday, the 2023 ECA Canoe Polo European Championships starts at 9:00 local time.





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