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The 2021 ECA Canoe Marathon European Championships in Moscow starts on Thursday

The 2021 ECA Canoe Marathon European Championships in Moscow starts on Thursday 5.7.2021

It has been two years since the last ECA Canoe Marathon European Championships was held in Decize, France. The pandemic washed away last year’s competition, and this year the championships will be organised in Russia.  Due to the unstable health situation the number of participating countries in Moscow is lower than usual.

Organisers of the 2021 ECA Canoe Marathon European Championships in Moscow did everything to prepare another excellent canoeing event on the Krylatskoye Rowing Canal, place where the 1980s Olympic canoe sprint and rowing events were held.
Unfortunately, the pandemic and the current health situation impacted the participants list. Athletes from ten countries are now on the list, following the recent withdrawal of Spain. One of the strongest teams in canoe marathon decided a couple of days ago to follow the recommendations of their authorities who advised against the travel to certain countries.
So, now the representatives from Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary, Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia and Serbia are on the startlist. Legendary Renata Csay, Cyrille Carre, Jose Ramalho, Mads Pedersen, Mateusz Borgiel, Adrian Boros, Quentin Urban and Jeremy Candy, Kristina Bedec, Jakub Brezina, Vanda Kiszli, Marton Kover are just a few of those familiar names in canoe marathon who are on the startlist and ready to fight for the medals.
The championships will begin on Wednesday with opening ceremony, while the first races are scheduled for Thursday.
On Monday and Tuesday, Moscow hosts ECA Canoe Marathon Masters European cup, with around 100 participants mostly from Russia. Other representatives come from Belarus, France, Ireland, Latvia, Luxembourg and Ukraine.




Thursday | WK1 junior, MC1 junior, WC1 junior & senior short marathon races (WC1, MC1, WK1, MK1)

Friday | WK2 junior, MC1 U23, WK1 U23, MC2 junior, MK1 U23

Saturday | MK1 junior, WC1 senior, MC1 senior, WK1 senior, MK1 senior

Sunday | MK2 junior, MC2 senior, WK2 senior, MK2 senior


TIMETABLE/RESULTS: https://eca2021marathonmoscow.spotfokus.com/index.php?gmt=2&gmt2=-120

Official website: http://eca2021marathon.moscow/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ruscanoe

Livestream: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLahVMQnjdwVWdyCbHEAZjsn63Kfj9Yjvv