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The 2022 ECA Wildwater sprint canoeing European Cup started in Metz

The 2022 ECA Wildwater sprint canoeing European Cup started in Metz 3.4.2022

The first race in the 2022 ECA Wildwater Sprint Canoeing European Cup series was held in Metz, France. More than 350 boats from eight European countries were on the start line of the sprint race.

Athletes from France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Serbia and North Macedonia were on the start line of the first ECA wildwater sprint cup race of the season 2022 which was held in Metz.
In men’s K1 senior event Belgium’s Maxime Richard produced the best time to win the race 1.17 seconds ahead of Augustin Reboul from France. Felix Bouvet also from France picked up bronze medal. He was 1.74 seconds behind Richard.
In women’s K1 eventHannah Mueller from Switzerland took the win. Laura Fotaine and Lisa Lebouc, both France, were second and third respectively.
Top three positions in women’s C1 were all occupied by French paddlers. Laura Fontaine won ahead of Manon Durand and Charlene Le Corvaisier. Fontaine crossed the finish line 2.10 seconds faster than Durand and more than nine seconds faster than Le Corvaisier.
Men’s C1 event was also dominated by French paddlers. Nicolas Sateur won with a second advantage over Charles Ferrion, while Quentin Dazeur finished third.
Ancelin Gourjault and Nicolas Sateur were the fastest in C2 event, Louis Passernig and Mathis Perrau were second and Pierre Deseuste – Maxence Guiziou were third. Louann Lambert – Alice Deloge, Charlotte Souchzre – Marion Loheac and Lucille Vincent – Olivia Lescure were on the podium of women’s C2 event.
There was also a C2 mixed event race, however, this is not an official ECA event. Jules Bagot and Julie Obrecht won the race ahead of Manon Durand - Kilian Godart and Gilles Gaud – Chloe Ruffin –Payen.
In junior part of the ECA Widlwater Sprint Canoeing European Cup series Aaron Schmitter from Switzerland took the win ahead of two French kayakers Loig Massot and Jerome Payen in junior MK1 event. In junior WK1 Chloe Nicot, Eve Vitali – Guilbert (both FRA) and German Anne Jager took the podium positions. In junior WC1 Melody Gireaud, Eve Vitali – Guilbert and Zaura Malinge were the fastest, while in junior MC1 event Arthur Devaux, Jan Gabin Pischek and Julien Tassotti produced the best runs. Dimitri Tostain – Jerome Payen, Thomas Gaud – Nouredine Zerouga and Maximilien Rousson – Gabriel Jourd'Heuil were the best in junior MC2 race. In unofficial junior C2 mixed event Marine Rouland – Felix Grondin, Manon Go – Joseph Vincent and Solene Hanryon – Maxence Demilly won top three places.