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The 2023 ECA Canoe Marathon European Championships brings novelties

The 2023 ECA Canoe Marathon European Championships brings novelties 13.2.2023

This year’s ECA Canoe Marathon European Championships will be held in Slavonski Brod, Croatia, between 13th and 16th July, and on 10th and 11th July Masters Cup will be on the programme. The Championships will bring some novelties to the competition programme – U23 women’s C1 race will be included as well as junior K1 short races for men and women.

The year 2023 brings women’s U23 C1 event to the Canoe Marathon World Championships as an official event, and European Canoe Association follows the schedule of the world championships with a wish for equality of all individual classes, so we will see the best women’s C1 paddlers in the U23 age group also in Croatia fighting for the European Champion titles.
European Championships will also bring the short marathon races (3,4 km) in junior women’s and men’s K1 event, however, these races will not be included in the World Championships programme.
“In junior category we always have nice races in the long distances and last year some countries indicated that they would like to have short distances on the programme as well and we would like to fulfil that wish, because the short distance is an exciting race, excellent to promote the marathon. The race schedule will be announced soon and it promises fantastic races. There is also a European Challenge for the youth on Friday, so they can get acquainted with canoe marathon, especially the portages,” said Ruud Heijselaar, the ECA technical delegate for canoe marathon.
The races will be held on the Sava River, which has its origin in Slovenia, then flows through Croatia and along its border with Bosnia and Herzegovina, and finally through Serbia, feeding into the Danube in its capital, Belgrade. “It can happen that one time you are paddling in Croatia and the other time in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” adds Heijselaar, who is happy with the conditions and venue. “Accommodation is within walking distance of the venue, and the course is visible from the bank, so the entire race is visible to the public, which is certainly unique. There is still a lot of work to do, but the ECA is confident that it will be a fantastic event.”
The championships will be streamed live thanks to the professional television crew with 11 cameras and drones.



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