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The first finalists of the 2024 ECA SUP European Championships in Szeged are known

The first finalists of the 2024 ECA SUP European Championships in Szeged are known 12.6.2024

The 2024 ECA Canoe Sprint, Paracanoe and SUP European Championships in Szeged, Hungary, kicked off with SUP part of the European Championships. Competitors fought for the places in final of Technical race and sprint.

The opening day of the 2024 ECA Canoe Sprint, Paracanoe and SUP European Championships, which takes place in Hungarian Szeged, was dedicated to stand up paddlers. In the morning part of the programme they fought for the A final in technical race, where there was a place for just eight best paddlers from semifinal in men's and eight competitors in women's event. First, they competed in heats, then in quarterfinal and at the end in the semifinal.
In men's event Spanish competitor Manuel Hoyuela (5:05.271) took the win in the first semifinal, and Christian Andersen (5:07.490) from Denmark was the fastest in second semifinal. In men's A final we will see representatives of Spain, Greece, Germany, Slovakia, Denmark, Bulgaria and Hungary.
The fastest semifinalist of women's technical race was Kyriaki Logotheti from Greece, who completed the course in 5:46.659. She was the fastest in the first semifinal group where athletes from Hungary, Italy and Spain also managed to qualify to the A final. Natalia Novitskaia (Individual Neutral Athlete) produced the best time in the second semifinal group (5:55.528). From this group also representatives of Germany, Italy and Poland advanced to the final A.
In the afternoon part of the first competition day, SUP competitors fought for the places in A final of the sprint event. Many athletes, who already advanced to the final A in technical race, repeated their success also in sprint. Greek athlete Kyriaki Logotheti and Natalia Novitskaia were the fastest in their respective semifinal groups. In women's sprint final we will also see competitors from Italy, Hungary, Germany, Czechia, Poland and individual neutral athletes.
Bulgarian representative Andrii Kraitor and Lithuanian Vadim Korobov, both excellent canoe sprint paddlers, were the fastest in their semifinal groups of the men's sprint event. They will fight for the medals in the A final and will have tough competition in Spanish, Danish, Greek and Italian athletes as well as in individual neutral athlete.
On Thursday, men’s K4 500 metres heats will open the canoe sprint part of the European Championships, followed by 1000, 200 and 500 metres heats. The first paracanoeing events are also scheduled for Thursday, as well as SUP long distance races.
The A finals of the 2024 ECA Canoe Sprint, Paracanoe and SUP European Championships on Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be streamed online exclusively at Eurovision Sport platform www.eurovisionsport.com, while the Wednesday’s and Thursday’s programme and non-televised events will be live on www.youtube.com/CanoeEurope. The following TV stations will broadcast the Championships between Friday and Sunday: MTVA Hungary, Ceska TV Czechia, JOJ Sport Slovakia, RTP Portugal, RTVE Spain, RAI Sport Italy, RTV Slovenia.


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