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The Overall ECA wildwater sprint canoeing European Cup winners are known

The Overall ECA wildwater sprint canoeing European Cup winners are known 12.10.2021

The 2021 ECA Wildwater Sprint Canoeing European Cup series has come to an end with the final race on Kolpa River, on a border between Slovenia and Croatia. This year’s senior and junior overall European Cup winners come from North Macedonia, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic, France and Italy.

After the three races in Mezzana, Ceske Budejovice and on Kolpa River, kayakers from North Macedonia took the top three positions in men’s senior kayak overall standings. Participating at all three events was an advantage for the trio as many of the competitors started at only one or two races. At the end it was Aleksandar Zlatarov who collected 261 points to win ahead of his compatriots Ljubomir Spasikj (228 points) and Enis Nebiovski (208 points).
In women’s kayak event the overall win went to Slovenian Živa Jančar who paddled in Česke Budejovice and on Kolpa River. She ended the season with a total of 84 points, 24 more than second placed Czech paddler Alexandra Plachtova who competed in Mezzana and Česke Budejovice. Italian Cecilia Panato was third with 50 points she received for the win in Mezzana.
The top three paddlers in overall canoe event come from Croatia. Ivan Tolić (72 points), Luka Obadić (70 points) and Jadran Zonjić (62 points) were first, second and third.
In women’s canoe their teammate Alba Zoe Grzin collected 75 points for the overall win, while Cecilia Panato from Italy and Tereza Kneblova from Czech Republic both had 50 points at the end and shared the second position.
In men’s C2 Czech duo Ladislav Reznak – Jaroslav Horinek collected 70 points for the overall win, and two crews had 50 points each: Czechs Ondrej Rolenc – Daniel Suchanek and Italians Vladi Panato – Federico Fasoli.
Juniors had four races this season – two in Mezzana and one in Česke Budejovice and on Kolpa River. Titouan Doreau won the overall men’s junior K1 standings with a total of 200 points. Luca Riva from Italy was second (186 points) and Italian Matteo Bottini third (176 points).
Maya Bagnato (ITA) was the best in women’s kayak junior event, with a sum of 100 points, after she won two races in Mezzana. Noa Pradalier from France was second (92 points) and Marta Cecconi from Italy third (86 points).
Tereza Kneblova was the winner of women’s junior C1 event with 50 points she received for the win in Česke Budejovice. Her teammates Anna Retkova (46 points) and Jana Strilkova (43 points) were second and third.
In men’s junior canoe overall standings Cesare Lorenzo Scapini from Italy won with 100 points, 8 points more than his teammate Pietro Tonido. French canoeist Celian Faucher was third with 84 points.
In men’s junior C2 overall standings all the top positions were occupied by Czech crews. Matej Vanek – Karel Rašner won with 50 points, Radek Nemec and Ondrej Vesely (46 points) were second and Matouš Beier – Alva Beier (43 points) third.