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Thomas Bach, IOC president, visited canoe slalom course in Ljubljana – Tacen

Thomas Bach, IOC president, visited canoe slalom course in Ljubljana – Tacen 22.9.2020

The well known canoe slalom course in Ljubljana – Tacen, which hosted European Championships in 2005 and 2017 as well as three editions of World Championships, had a VIP guest yesterday. Thomas Bach, president of the International Olympic Committee, was in Ljubljana and he visited training of Slovenian National Canoe Slalom team. After that he met Olympic candidates from different sports who also came to Tacen to meet Thomas Bach.

“Slovenia is a small country, both by area and by population, but is a giant in international sports, a phenomenon in winter and summers sports, in individual and team sports. I am sure you athletes feel the support of the whole nation,” he said to the athletes in his speech.

Among the athletes who received special attention of Mr. Bach were also Slovenian slalomists, who just returned from very successful European Championships, where they won two gold medals and two silver medals, which earned them a special congratulation from Thomas Bach.

During the meeting with sportsmen and sportswomen of course the question of Tokyo Olympics popped up.

“We are not exactly sure yet, how the Games will be organised. Only with safety measures, quarantine ... It is hard to say something regarding the spectators too. But the Games will definitely be held. The Games are the light at the end of the tunnel. Scientists know much more about the virus now. Besides that we all know what the safety measures are. Washing hands, social distance, masks ... Soon speedy tests will be available and will give a results 20 minutes after testing. The important element which is optimistic is the vaccine,” said Bach.

He added, “I’d like to invite you to the plane to Tokyo, but I will travel there ahead of you. I need to prepare a red carpet for you. The last weeks have shown that despite the coronavirus problems international sporting events can be organised. Even Tour de Franc, which is logistically challenging. We have followed the Champions League final, US open in tennis and golf, Canoe Slalom European Championships ... With right restrictions the system works. We are preparing for different scenarios. We are also gathering experience of the organisers of the last competitions. We are in constant touch with WHO. But we will adapt to the situation in 10 months. It is important we ensure fair training and qualification period.”